How to Choose Evening Dresses for Teen Girls

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How to Choose Evening Dresses for Teen Girls

Most teen girls get few opportunities to wear evening dresses. This makes choosing the perfect dress important for creating amazing memories. The ideal dress for a teenage girl is one chosen specifically for her, rather than one that seems popular. This is the dress she will remember as making her feel beautiful, grown up and truly special.


Express Her Personality

Choose a dress that expresses the girl's personality and individual style so that it is the ideal complement, rather than her getting lost in the garment. Look for a dress that sends the appropriate message not just for the event, but also for the girl's individuality. A chiffon evening dress, for example, says something different about the girl than a lace evening dress. Consider what the girl wants to express with her special occasion look and select a gown that speaks to that message.


Consider the Season

Special events occur throughout the year, and the dress should reflect the season. This is not just about the weather, but also the essence of the season itself. For instance, a floral dress is appropriate for spring and summer months even if the weather is still chilly. It does not make a good choice for the winter, no matter how warm. Similarly, wearing a velvet dress is not appropriate for the spring months, even when the weather is cool.


Choose a Colour

The colour a girl wears says nearly as much about her as the design of the evening gown itself. Colour trends vary seasonally, but unlike fabrics, these guidelines are much more flexible and allow for greater personal expression. Wearing pastels in the winter, for example, is not traditional, but when paired with the right fabrics and silhouette, the effect is a fresh and lovely departure from the darker shades commonly worn during these months. Choose a colour that complements the teen's skin tone, natural colouring, and personal style.


Age Appropriate Body Consciousness

An evening dress should flatter a girl's body without crossing the line to looking too mature. Evening dresses designed for adults often feature very tight silhouettes and severe features that look inappropriate on younger girls. Teenagers have the option of wearing dresses with more youthful flair and fresher details, which opens a wider range of dress options. While a vintage-inspired swing dress comes across as too young or even costumey for an adult, this style is a fun and flattering teen choice for many evening events. Select a style that flatters the natural shape of a girl's body and detracts from areas that make her feel self-conscious so she can relax and focus on enjoying her event.

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