How to Choose Pearl Drop Earrings for a Spouse

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How to Choose Pearl Drop Earrings for a Spouse

Choosing jewellery as a gift can be challenging. Start by noticing what your spouse typically wears and consider peeking inside the jewellery box to get an idea of preferences in earrings. When selecting pearl drop earrings for a gift or a special occasion, the colour of the pearls, lustre, and overtones are of great importance. However, in the end, the style of the person who will wear the earrings is most important.


Colour of the Pearls

Pearls are available in a wide variety of colours. While the most common are white and black, you can find pearls in light, medium, and dark cream as well as pink, blue, gold, and often grey. Most people wear white pearls, which are the standard colour, but black pearls are more exotic and formal. Gold pearls are especially striking, especially when paired with a black dress. Since manufacturers make and sell earrings in pairs, be sure to look at both earrings carefully to be sure the colours match as closely as possible.


Shape of the Pearls

The shape of the pearl indicates its value, and there are eight basic shapes, including round, semi-round, button, drop, pear, oval, baroque, and circled. A pearl that appears perfectly round is of higher value than one that is in a baroque shape, which includes a protrusion. As natural pearls come from nature, there is no perfectly round pearl, just those that are more round.


Overtones in Pearls

Overtones are colours in the pearl that reflect from the light or show when the pearl is against a contrasting colour. Rose, silver, and green are the three types of overtones reflected by pearls. Green overtones are the least valuable, while people prize rose and silver for their reflective qualities.


Lustre and Reflection

High lustre pearls are of more value than pearls that appear washed out, chalky, or dull. High lustre pearls are bright and appear to glow. They are reflective, and overhead lights should show a clear reflective image when you angle the pearl toward them. Pearls from very cold waters are more likely to have a high lustre, and you can find pearl earrings with various lustre and reflection properties.


Choices of Precious Metals

Yellow gold pearl drop earrings and rose gold set off rose overtones in pearls beautifully. White gold and platinum are very popular when combined with pearls with silver overtones. Sterling silver earrings work well with any overtone and are a less expensive option. You can also find sterling silver in many vintage earrings. Whichever metal you choose, be sure the earrings are of a style, quality, and design that is pleasing to both you and your spouse.

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