How to Choose Relaxing Mood Music

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How to Choose Relaxing Mood Music

Emotional relaxation and physical relaxation are both achievable through music. Music can even release mood enhancing chemicals in your brain. If you want to purchase relaxing mood music, you must remember that in order to feel the soothing effects of the music, it is important to choose a style and tempo that suits you personally.


Choose the Right Music Style

There are many different styles of relaxing music on the market, and not all of them are relaxing to everyone. For example, if you do not like classical music, you are unlikely to find Mozart or Bach relaxing. In fact, styles you consider unpleasant can leave you feeling tense or annoyed, creating a mood far from relaxing. This is why it is vitally important that you consider your personal taste when choosing a relaxation CD. Some people find music that incorporates sounds from nature relaxing. Others find artists like Enya and Coldplay relaxing. There are plenty of choices when it comes to relaxing mood music, so take your time and find a style that appeals to you personally for maximum relaxation.


Choose the Right Tempo

Choosing the right tempo is also very important. Studies show that a listener's heartbeat and breathing rates increase with lively music and slow with music which has a slower tempo. For optimal relaxation, choose mood music with a tempo slower than your natural heartbeat, which is about 72 beats per minute. Music that starts out with a slightly faster tempo and progressively slows down to 50 or 60 beats per minute is especially effective for inducing relaxation. Tranquility CDs with repeating or cyclical patterns at slow tempos also induce the mind and body to relax.


Choose Music Without Words

Music with lyrics, especially lyrics in a language you speak, is sometimes more distracting than relaxing. This is especially true if you are working on a separate relaxation activity, like yoga or meditation, or if you are using relaxing music as background music to study with. Many jazz and classical albums feature hours of relaxing mood music with no words at all. Even still, some people find the human voice very relaxing. If this is true in your case, try purchasing relaxing music with lyrics in a language other than your own.


Avoid Music with Abrupt Changes

Sudden changes in tempo or rhythm can speed up your heart rate, rather than causing it to slow down. Even some music CDs marketed as 'most relaxing' or 'chill out' sometimes feature jarring or complex changes which can work against relaxation. When possible, listen to an album before purchasing to see if it has a steady, slow tempo that induces relaxation.

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