How to Choose Wallpaper for a Kitchen

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How to Choose Wallpaper for a Kitchen

Wallpaper adds colours and designs that would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve with paint. It is a fantastic and affordable way to give a kitchen a completely new feel. Learning about wallpaper types and then choosing the right colours and designs turns a boring kitchen into the most popular part of the house.


Choosing a Wallpaper Type

Vinyl wallpaper the most affordable and durable, making it a great choice for any kitchen since you can also easily wipe it down. If being able to strip the wallpaper at a later date is important, choose vinyl-coated wallpaper. Natural fibre and fabric wallpapers are hard to clean although the final effect is very elegant. In a kitchen, they may be useful for a feature wall not near the stove. Though also hard to clean, embossed wallpaper is useful in covering imperfections on the wall because of its three-dimensional texture. Next, foil wallpaper has metallic tones that brighten dark rooms; it is ideal for kitchens with few windows. Whatever the chosen type, look for "scrubbable" ones or at the very least washable wallpaper for the kitchen since oils and odours often stick to the walls. Scrubbable wallpaper is the most durable and can be cleaned with a sponge and mild detergent if necessary.


Deciding on Wallpaper Colours

First, analyse the colour scheme in your home and identify the primary and secondary colours. Look for wallpaper that matches by holding up wallpaper samples against various parts of the room and see how it pairs with the furniture, appliances, and the parts of the house close to the kitchen. If the rest of the house has solid coloured walls, you have more leeway in choosing a colourful wallpaper, such as floral wallpaper, to make the kitchen the highlight of the house.


Wallpaper Design Guidelines

The size of a repeating pattern, if there is one, is important. Large repeating patterns can overwhelm a small room, so look for patterned wallpaper with designs that repeat at least three or four times on a wall. If the kitchen already has strong patterns, avoid adding another strong pattern that makes the room too "busy". Instead, use neutral wallpaper in the same colour scheme with a design that blends in. On the other hand, if there is no focal point in the kitchen or only neutral colours, a bold pattern is a great way to spice up the room and give it personality. Designs also make the room feel bigger or smaller than it is. Vertical stripes give the illusion of height, while horizontal stripes make the room seem wider. For a light airy feel, choose a small evenly spaced design like polka dots in light colours.

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