How to Choose a Body Kit for Your Ford Orion

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Body kits consist of pre-formed panels that can replace parts on the Ford Orion to change its appearance by altering its shape. However, a car body kit also serve to make the car more lightweight and aerodynamic, thus reducing wind drag and increasing speed and fuel economy. Although the decision is a matter of preference, shoppers must also choose the kind of material used to make the panels.


Fibreglass Ford Orion Body Kits

The affordability of fibreglass makes it a popular material choice for body kits. The cost remains low because it is easy for the manufacturer to create and work with. Moreover, it is a practical material for the consumer as well because it is very lightweight and does not rust or warp. However, its rigidity makes it prone to crack due to very slight impacts. Even just age and the natural flexing of the vehicle can damage a fibreglass body kit. Additionally, lower-end fibreglass parts have a rougher finish, which either requires the owner to sand and finish the piece themselves or to settle on a product that looks subpar.


Polyurethane Body Kits

For a better finish and more flexible material, go with a polyurethane body kit for a Ford Orion. The material is easier to shape and finish so it looks better, and its flexible nature makes it much simpler to instal. Additionally, it can handle the slight flexing of everyday travel as well as light impacts without cracking. Unfortunately, the cost to produce polyurethane makes it a more expensive choice and its heavy weight makes it a less popular choice for those looking to increase their vehicle's performance.


Carbon Fibre Body Kits

The attractive appearance of carbon fibre, which comes from the process of weaving carbon and fabric together, makes it popular choice for those who want to update the look of their vehicle. The material has a unique woven pattern with a high gloss finish that does not need repainting. Additionally, it is also lightweight, durable, and flexible and thereby suits use for body kits. However, these body kits tend to be the most expensive option as well. To combat this, select a few carbon fibre parts, such as a spoiler or a bonnet, and then buy other parts for the rest of the Orion.


Body Kit Parts

The choice of which panels and parts on the Ford to replace is completely up to the buyer and their end goal. For example, those wanting to reduce their car's weight might want to replace the larger, heavier panels, such as the grille, bonnet, or quarter panels. For improved aesthetics, replace smaller parts like the bonnet vents or the spoiler.

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