How to Choose a Feather Boa

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How to Choose a Feather Boa

A feather boa is a bold accessory that can truly enhance your outfit if you wear it properly. Ladies wore feather boas as decorations as early as the 17th century and now they go in and out of fashion all the time. Learn about the features and materials of feather boas and choose one that best suits the occasion.


Feather Boa Features

The main features that distinguish one feather boa from another are length, weight, and ply. Choose a very long boa if you want to curl it around your neck several times or opt for a shorter version if you only wish to give some accent to your outfit. The weight of the boa generally depends on the material, with ostrich being rather heavy and chandelle quite lightweight. If the boa weighs less than 100 grams, it is lightweight, while the heaviest could weigh around 400 grams. Ply refers to the thickness of feathers. The more ply, the fluffier the boa and the more outstanding it is.


Feather Boa Materials

As the name implies, the most common material for boas is feathers. They go through bleaching or dyeing to achieve certain colours, although you can also find boas with feathers in their original colours. Fine down from the marabou is good for very fluffy and thin boas, while ostrich feather strands make up larger boas, more specifically, the Las Vegas showgirl type that look dramatic even at a distance. Chandelle feathers are smaller and come from the turkey, creating lighter boas that have smaller diameters. Larger flat turkey feathers make for heavier boas that can have a diameter of 30 centimetres. Besides these natural materials, synthetic feathers are also in use and these are best for those who for some reason object to using real birds. Moreover, even fur can make up a feather boa. This kind of boa uses eyelash yarns and is a result of knitting rather than gluing and stitching like the typical feather boas.


Feather Boas for All Occasions

When choosing the right boa for your occasion, decide whether you want it to contrast or complement your outfit and then pick the colour accordingly. If you are attending an elegant event, go for a boa with smaller, delicate feathers and more reserved tones. However, for a wild hen party, you can go crazy with the colours and opt for large feathers. If you need the feather boa for performing, for burlesque or something similar, match it with your outfit and decide how you can incorporate it into your act.

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