How to Choose a Good Cat Collar

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Many cat owners, especially those living in urban areas, feel that a cat collar is vital for keeping their pet safe.  Should your cat ever wander too far from home, wearing a collar immediately lets people know that he is a domestic cat, rather than a feral stray,  and that someone is probably looking for him.  Accompanied by a tag, engraved with your contact details, a collar can be your pet´s best chance at being returned to you safely and quickly should he ever stray or get lost.

A cat collar also offers a way to hold your cat more securely during transport, those awkward trips to the vet, and a number of other situations where you may need to hold your cat safely despite the fact that they have other ideas!

So how do you choose the right collar for your cat?

Above all,  a cat collar needs to be comfortable for your cat.  When fastened around your cat´s neck,  you should be able to slip two fingers between the collar and your cat´s skin.  Too tight, and the collar may restrict your cat´s breathing or swallowing, and can also rub away at his hair and skin, causing bald patches and irritation.  Too loose is no better either,  as a cat will have no trouble slipping out of a collar that is not tight enough.

A cat collar should be adjustable,  so that it can be loosened or tightened to accommodate changes in weight or coat thickness.  This is particularly important for breeds that shed large amounts of their coat during the warmer summer months.  For long haired breeds you will also need to make sure that any cat collar you choose does not have parts that can snag or tangle the hair around their neck.

You should check your cat´s collar regularly, once a month or so,  to make sure that it is still a comfortable fit, and that it is in good condition.

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