How to Choose a Gorgeous Pendulum Clock

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How to Choose a Gorgeous Pendulum Clock

Pendulum clocks are a useful and decorative addition to any room. These classic clocks are available in many forms to match nearly any interior design. Before purchasing a gorgeous pendulum clock, buyers should consider a number of factors. They should learn more about the types of pendulum clocks, their mechanisms, materials, and colours.


Types of Pendulum Clock

One of the most popular types of pendulum clock is the grandfather clock. These are large and stand directly on the floor. They are ideal for an impressive and eye-catching display piece. There are also smaller pendulum mantelpiece clocks that are placed on a table or mantelpiece. They are available in a wide range of sizes, from around 20 centimetres tall to well over a metre. A pendulum wall clock is another option. These clocks hang on any wall that has studs. They are also available in a variety of sizes, but larger, heavier clocks are more difficult to install.


Pendulum Clock Mechanisms

Classic grandfather clocks use a series of weights to drive the mechanism, and the owner must reset the weights periodically. There are modern grandfather clocks that use electricity. Some mantelpiece and wall pendulum clocks have wind up mechanisms that require a key and periodic winding. They require more maintenance than clocks with mechanisms powered with batteries.


Materials for Pendulum Clocks

Traditional pendulum clocks, such as grandfather clocks and many mantelpiece or wall clocks, often have wooden frames and a metal pendulum. However, there are some modern pendulum clocks with glass frames, and some are entirely made from metal. These less traditional clocks make gorgeous additions to rooms that contain modern furniture.


Colours of Pendulum Clocks

Clocks with wooden frames typically feature a stain in a shade of brown that highlights the natural grain. Buyers should choose a shade that matches other pieces of wooden furniture in the room. Modern pendulum clocks are available in a variety of colours, although the most common are black, white, silver, and gold.

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