How to Choose a Holiday Cottage for You and Your Partner

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How to Choose a Holiday Cottage for You and Your Partner

Whether you are honeymooning with a loved one, or simply escaping for a weekend, Europe has some of the most romantic places for a perfect holiday with your partner. Romantic holidays are one of the best ways for a couple to relax and reconnect. Instead of staying in a large hotel, consider renting a private holiday cottage or house. Unlike busy hotels and motels, cottages offer privacy, space, peace, and quiet. There are plenty of activities that come along with renting a holiday cottage, so it is easy to find a fun-filled or relaxing weekend with your partner no matter what entices you both. Even if you and your partner are only escaping for a weekend, you are sure to leave with lasting memories.

When choosing a holiday cottage, there are different considerations to take into account. Holiday cottages range in price based on their location and amenities. There are many different types of cottages in different locations, so by understanding the different considerations for choosing a cottage, you can find the most suitable option for you and your partner to enjoy.

Set a Budget

One of the first things to consider when choosing a holiday cottage is your budget. Take into account the cost of transportation, accommodations, meals and dining out, as well as shopping or other activities. By setting a budget, you can choose a holiday cottage that fits within your price range. Even without a large budget, there are many ways to find a holiday cottage for a romantic, memorable getaway, even in a popular location.

Determine the Length of Your Holiday

After setting a budget, consider the length of your stay. Many rental cottages offer a lower rate per night for lengthier stays, and some may hike up prices for short weekend breaks. If you are looking for a deal when selecting a cottage, check the rates of competing rental properties in the area to see which rates are lowest for the length you are planning to stay. Another thing to consider is your specific travel dates. Travelling during an offseason or during the week saves money, therefore you and your partner may be able to stay longer for a lower price.

Consider the Holiday Location

From beautiful countrysides to beachside locations, there are a number of romantic destinations throughout Europe. When choosing the location for a holiday for you and your partner, consider the length of stay. If you are taking a short break or weekend trip, consider a nearby location so you can spend less time travelling and more time relaxing and having fun. Nearby locations are easy to get to by car, train, or bus, which is usually much more affordable than having to purchase flight tickets. Train tickets and bus tickets are much more affordable than flying, and help to save money by not driving and spending money on gas as well.

If you and your partner are taking a longer holiday, travelling further is typically less difficult because you do not have as much of a time restraint. Research the destinations that you and your partner are considering, and then compare the prices of transportation and lodging. Although flight tickets are usually more expensive than driving or taking a train, travelling during an off season, or being flexible with travel dates, are some of the many different ways to save money when booking a flight. Some airlines also offer sales and specials to popular destinations, so check back frequently for sales.

Find the Right Types of Holiday Cottage

There are many different types of holiday cottages throughout Europe. If you are having trouble deciding on one specific location, choosing the type of holiday cottage may help you to decide. Before deciding on a type of cottage, consider your needs and keep your wishlist in mind. The price of rental cottages is determined by location and amenities, so keep your budget in mind when deciding. Smaller cottages are usually more affordable, so for the best value, try to find a small but cosy cottage for you and your sweetie.

Pet Friendly Cottages

For those who cannot leave home without their furry friends, pet friendly cottages allow guests to bring their pet along with them. This also saves money on having to board the pet at a kennel. Some pet friendly cottages have restrictions, such as the type of pet or pet's weight, so make sure to check the regulations before choosing a cottage. Most cottages may also have a restriction on the number of pets that are allowed. Pet deposits may also be necessary, but are typically refunded after the visit if nothing is damaged or ruined as a result of the pet's stay.

Luxury Cottages

If price is not an issue, luxury cottages feature top of the line amenities and stylish surroundings inside and out. Luxury cottages have the highest customer satisfaction rating, but most often the highest price tag as well. Many luxury cottages come with amenities such as game rooms, fireplaces, hot tubs, or home gyms.

Beach Cottages

Beach cottages are among the most popular romantic getaways. From walks on the beach to watching the sunset, beach cottages have a lot to offer to any couple. Beaches also have a number of other relaxing activities, such as soaking up some sun, swimming, or snorkeling. Cottages closer to the beach are typically more expensive, and some beach cottages are actually located in secluded areas for a more private and romantic holiday.

Log Cabins and Lodges

Although they are not traditionally found in Europe, log cabins and lodges are available for a romantic holiday. Most log cabins and lodges are located in woodland settings, and feature natural wood and rustic decor. Log cabins and lodges go hand in hand with outdoor activities, so those who love to hike, bird watch, or go fishing may want to consider a log cabin or lodge as a possible site. Much like cottages, the cost of log cabins and lodges depends highly on the location, as well as the amenities at the location. You may also want to consider a coastal cottage as well, which is a beach cottage located within five miles of the coast.

Country Cottages

Europe is known for it's various country cottages, which are most commonly located on countrysides, farms, vineyards, or orchards. Country cottages feature character and charm, and are great for a romantic holiday regardless of the season. Some cottages located on farms, vineyards, or orchards also offer experiences unique to the location, such as wine tastings or fruit picking.

What to Pack for Your Holiday

Depending on the season and the type of cottage, there are different things to bring with on your trip. One of the benefits of holiday cottages is that they usually feature a kitchen, so you and your partner can cook and prepare meals at home to save money. Aside from the basics, cottages may offer other activities. By understanding what to bring based on the type of cottage you are considering, you can take advantage of everything the cottage has to offer.

Type of Cottage

Recommended Things to Pack

Pet Friendly Cottages

Pet's lead, food, or crate, hiking or fishing gear, bicycle

Luxury Cottages

Hiking or fishing gear, bathing suit, bicycle

Beach Cottages

Bathing suit, scuba, snorkel, or surfing gear

Country Cottages

Hiking or fishing gear, bicycle

Individual cottages offer up many different types of amenities, so it is important to check which amenities are offered before purchasing any gear in specific. Packing a bathing suit would not be necessary if the cottage did not offer a pool, hot tub, lake, or ocean, so packing varies based on each individual cottage.

How to Purchase a Holiday Cottage on eBay

Aside from being able to purchase things to pack, eBay offers many things that make finding a holiday cottage easy and affordable for anyone. eBay features such as rental holiday cottages and cottage timeshares at competitive prices. eBay's variety makes it easy to stay within any budget when choosing a cottage. eBay also offers low prices on bus tickets, plane fare, and train tickets, as well as car rentals or car hires. These features make organising transportation quick and easy as well.

To begin your search on eBay, you can search a specific term in the keyword search bar, such as 'London country cottage'. By using a broader search, such as 'England cottage' you can browse different options and prices. eBay also makes it easy to stay within your budget by allowing you to enter your price maximum. By setting your maximum price, you do not have to waste time searching through cottages or tickets outside of your price range. Another way to save money when shopping on eBay is to be flexible with your travel dates. Many cottages have the lowest prices during the week or offseason, so finding cottages in popular locations are much less expensive.


Short breaks or long holidays are the perfect way to reconnect and spend time with your partner. Without the stresses of everyday life, you and your partner have more time to relax, have fun, and spend time together. Choose a cottage in a location with activities that you both would enjoy, or somewhere you have always wanted to go. Some people prefer warm, beachside cottages, while others prefer the charm of a farmside country cottage.

Log cabins and cottages offer a warm, cosy stay, which may be ideal for colder winter months. Check out the town and the entertainment and attractions as well when choosing a holiday destination. There are many things to consider when choosing a holiday cottage, and after setting a budget and narrowing down the choices, you can find the perfect cottage for you and your partner. With the low prices and travel deals on eBay, even popular romantic destinations can be found at affordable prices.

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