How to Choose a New Oil Filter for Your Vehicle

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How to Choose a New Oil Filter for Your Vehicle

Professionals recommend that you change your oil filter every 5,000 to 12,000 kilometres in order to protect the quality of the oil in your car. Because filters keep dirt, debris, and sediment out of your engine, this is important for keeping your car in good condition. While you can affordably purchase and replace an oil filter on your own with the right mechanical know-how, it is difficult to purchase an oil filter if you are not familiar with the process. Because many oil filters are for specific vehicles, it is important to purchase the right one for your car, or it may not fit your vehicle.


Check Your Owner's Manual

Most of the time you can find a direct recommendation as to brand, type, and even part number for a replacement oil filter right in your owner's manual. This is the easiest way to find out which oil filter you need for your vehicle. The same page should offer a recommendation as to how often you should change your oil filter, and your motor oil, which gives you a good idea of when you have to change the oil next.


Check the Old Filter

If you can, consider checking the oil filter already in the vehicle. You most likely have to clean the filter, but from there, you should be able to see a brand, part number, or other identifying mark. Buying the same filter to replace it is the best way to purchase the correct filter for your car. The majority of oil filters have a part number stamped on the side or bottom, and you can use this to find a new filter, unless it has worn off over time.


Consult a Parts Manual

Sometimes a parts catalogue or search is the only way to find the correct oil filter for your vehicle. Write down the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and then search for an oil filter for that specific vehicle. There may be one or two choices, but choosing one for your specific model is a personal decision, so long as it is compatible. If possible, compare the shape, size, and threads to your current filter to ensure that it is the correct model. Many car parts sellers and auto dealers offer parts manuals which you can check.


Purchase by Brand

Unless you have a rare vehicle, you are most likely able to choose from several different oil filter brands made to fit your make and model. You should consider the quality of each one as the most important factor of the decision, but in your price range. Usually, with auto parts, you get what you pay for, so very inexpensive or unbranded options may be lower quality than brand names and original manufacturer filters.

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