How to Choose a Razer Mouse for Gamers

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How to Choose a Razer Mouse for Gamers

The right Razer gaming mouse can improve your in-game performance and help you become invincible. A gaming mouse is a personal choice and choosing the right model depends largely on your preferences. Razer gaming mice come with standard features such as enhanced DPI and programmable buttons that can enhance your gameplay. Select a mouse by considering your mouse grip and gaming preferences.


Razer Gaming Mouse Features

Razer gaming mice offer ergonomic designs, improved in-game performance, and superior comfort. Common features include enhanced DPI or dots per inch, which allows the mouse to move further with less input, and multiple DPI settings that allow you to choose your mouse sensitivity. Additionally, programmable buttons replace keystrokes and macros, high acceleration improves speed and accuracy, and high variable polling rates improves responsiveness. Look for a responsive mouse that allows you to customise gameplay. Its design should promote comfort and prevent fatigue.


Using Grip to Choose a Razer Gaming Mouse

The way you grip your mouse while gaming determines the type of mouse that provides the greatest comfort and performance for you. The table below lists and describes different types of grip and provides Razer gaming mouse suggestions for each grip type.


Grip Type




Most common

User places entire hand on top of mouse

Large and undefined contact points

Razer Mamba

Razer Imperator

Razer Lachesis


User arches hand to form claw shape

Pulls the mouse into the 'claw'

Slight touch of pit of user's hand stabilises mouse

Fingertips and pit of palm touch mouse

Razer Naga

Razer DeathAdder

Razer Abyssus


User uses only fingertips to grip mouse

Five contact points on mouse

Most precision and agility, but most fatigue

Razer Salmosa

Razer Orochi

Razer Abyssus


The preceding recommendations assume that the user's hand is approximately 172 millimetres wide and 189 millimetres long. Users with larger or smaller hands should consider their hand measurements and the size of the Razer gaming mice available when making their selections. The Razer Lachesis, Razer DeathAdder, Razer Abyssus, and Razer Orochi are suitable for right-handed and left-handed users.


Consider the Your Gaming Style when Choosing a Razer Mouse

Gamers who play with low sensitivity settings generally use the palm grip because it allows swiping motions that cover large areas. This provides increased velocity per swipe without compromising in-game accuracy. Low sensitivity gameplay is typical in first person shooter (FPS) gaming, and gamers who prefer FPS games should consider the mice recommended for those who use the palm grip. Claw and fingertip grips offer fast flicks with the mouse and are suitable for high-sensitivity gaming. They promote instinctive movement and fast readjustment for improved gaming performance. However, these grips have steep learning curves and some users may have difficulty adjusting to the mice suited to these styles. Razer recommends the ergonomically designed Naga for MMO gaming and the Razer Orochi for mobile gaming.

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