How to Choose a Remote Fob for Your Vehicle

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How to Choose a Remote Fob for Your Vehicle

Depending on car model, the cost of replacing a remote fob can seem disproportionate to the item in question. These days, many flashy multi-functioning devices beckon your attention, but as helpful as they may be, they are of little value if you cannot securely lock and unlock your car electronically. Feature-rich remote fobs may indeed be your best option, but using eBay, you have a good chance of finding these, or simpler alternatives, without draining your pocket.


The Remote Fob

There are two types of keyless entry remote control. One is an independently operating fob with an attached car door key; the other, which also operates independently, is without a key but which users can dangle from a keychain. The former allows you to lock and unlock your car door manually, and offers the convenience of keeping the key and remote fob together. However, some people prefer the latter option of separating the two. You can find both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) made fobs, or aftermarket fobs on eBay.


Determine Your Need

Before you buy a replacement fob, determine if the electronics are malfunctioning or if the problem lies solely with the casing. Sometimes it is only necessary to replace the fob shell. In this event, you simply need to find the fob housing that corresponds with your existing one, whether an OEM or aftermarket version. You can then insert and connect your existing electronics to the new housing.

If the problem is electrical, you need to purchase a fob in its entirety.


Know the In-built Features of Your Car

The vehicle fob's original objective to lock and unlock a car is still paramount, but now sits amid a host of peripheral features. Nevertheless, any real-life advantage a particular fob affords is determinable by the existing in-built features of your car. Before choosing a fob with advanced features, such as those that offer pre-set memory function control over seat and mirror positioning, or those that start the engine, make sure your car has the electronics to support it. If it does not, you will at very least need to install the appropriate car security system.


Feature Priorities

Assuming you have the appropriately supported electronics pre-installed, your only feature limitations may be the car you drive. Different vehicle manufacturers set themselves apart by offering various features. Amid the plethora of indulgent commodities are those that can save lives, such as the heart-beat detection function offered by Volvo.


OEM or Aftermarket

Although OEM products carry with them greater compatibility assurance, aftermarket accessories do have their advantages. One such benefit is the wider choice they offer to customers who wish to upgrade to something not provided by their original manufacturer.

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