How to Choose a Roof Rack for a Honda

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How to Choose a Roof Rack for a Honda

Honda produces some of the most popular vehicle models on the road, such as the Civic and the hybrid electric CR-Z. All Honda models can be equipped with a roof rack to improve their versatility and help drivers get the most use from their vehicles. Due to the high number of roof racks available on the market, there are several things buyers should bear in mind.

In order to choose a roof rack for a Honda, begin by deciding on the type of equipment to be carried. Roof racks are designed with carrying systems to handle bikes, skis, kayaks, and other gear. Some are designed to carry cargo holders. There are several variations of each roof rack type. Some are designed with rails to support the crossbars, while others have their crossbars attach directly to the top of the car. These products can vary in terms of their price and performance, so buyers should find models that are most suitable for their needs. Roof racks are designed to fit specific Honda models and years, which makes it easy to find compatible products.

Roof racks for Hondas can be purchased from sporting goods shops, Honda dealers, and specialist car accessory retailers. Many items can also be purchased online at eBay, which has a wide selection of car accessories. Consider all of the roof racks available to find the most suitable one for the Honda.

Model and Year of Honda

The easiest way to find a roof rack is to shop by the Honda model and year. Roof racks are created to fit the shape and size of particular roof designs, so it is important to look for items that match the car. It is often necessary to look for items designed for the specific body style of the car. For example, there are different roof racks for a two-door Honda Civic and a four-door version. In some cases, a roof rack may fit a particular model produced across a span of several years. For example, a single product can be used for Honda Civic models produced between 2001 and 2005.

Types of Roof Rack

There are two primary types of roof rack used on Honda models: fixed point and roof rail. These vary in the way that the towers attach to the car and how the crossbars are held in place. In a fixed point design, the towers that hold the crossbars connect at factory-installed points on the car's roof. These are simple to install, and products made by Honda can be purchased to fit the exact vehicle quickly and easily. In a roof rail design, rails are installed along the edges of the car's roof. In this case, the crossbars attach to the rails. Slight variations between each basic style exist.

Carrying Systems

A standard roof rack can be used for carrying a wide range of goods, but its effectiveness can be improved with specific carrying systems. These are designed to carry items, such as bicycles or kayaks safely and securely. It is also possible to buy carrying systems for cargo holders. Most carrying systems have more than one design, which gives buyers the option to choose the system that works best for their requirements. The following table lists carrying systems, with a brief description of common variations.

Carrying System


Cargo holder

Basket style or enclosed

Basket style holds many items, but does not lock

Enclosed style is aerodynamic and locks to hold items securely

Kayak and canoe

Roller system, gunwale, or vertical support

Roller system enables easy loading and unloading

Gunwale brackets hold the boat upside down

Vertical supports carry the boat on its side

Each design has padded holders and straps

Skis and snowboard

Carries either only skis or snowboards, or both


Rim or fork mounts

Rim mounts use straps and clamps on the bicycle tyres

Fork mounts secure the front fork of the bike, but require the front tyre to be removed

For proper use, a carrying system must attach to the crossbars securely. Buy carrying systems made by the same manufacturer as the roof rack to ensure compatibility.

Locking Carrying Systems

Roof racks are often used to carry expensive gear and other luggage. To protect these items against theft, buyers can purchase carrying systems with a locking mechanism. These can be secured with a key to prevent anyone other than the driver from removing items. Although this option costs more, it may be worth the increased security and peace of mind.

Manufacturers of a Roof Rank for a Honda

Many different manufacturers produce roof racks for Hondas. A number of items are produced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Honda. These may be bought as replacements for existing roof racks or they may be additions. For example, some Hondas are sold brand new with a roof rack installed, while others have a fixed point system that allows a roof rack to be added easily. Other popular manufacturers include Thule, Mont Blanc, and Automaxi. These third party companies create products designed specifically for Hondas.

Condition of a Roof Rank for a Honda

Buyers can find roof racks for their Hondas in a range of conditions. Buying used products can save money, but it is important to ensure that a used item functions correctly. Sellers in secondary markets often list roof racks using a set of standardised terms. These include new, new other, also known as like new, and used. Consider each condition to find the best product.


Roof racks listed in a new condition have never been installed or used. They are still sealed in their original packaging. Buyers of these items can expect the roof rack to function perfectly. These items are the most expensive available.

New Other

New other or like new roof racks are sold in their original packaging, but they may have signs of cosmetic damage or defects that do not affect their performance. These roof racks are sold for slightly less than brand new items.


Used roof racks have been installed and used on a car in the past. They may have signs of cosmetic wear or even minor damage. Used items can be found in a range of conditions, from excellent to heavily worn. Buyers should inspect these roof racks carefully before making a purchase to ensure that the item is still functional. Used roof racks are the least expensive items available.

Buying a Roof Rack for a Honda on eBay

Roof racks for all types of Hondas can be purchased from the sellers on eBay. To find these items, initiate a search from the home page. This can be done using keywords. For example, enter "honda accord roof rack" into the search field to see all items tagged with those terms. You may refine listings in the search results pages by clicking on any of the category links available.

Read the Item Description

Take a moment to read the seller's full description before buying. Check the item's condition and compare it with the available photos. Note the price of the roof rack and add the delivery charges, where applicable, to calculate the total cost. It is also important to determine which payment methods are accepted by the seller in order to pay promptly for the purchase.

Seller Feedback

Sellers on eBay have a feedback rating that reflects the satisfaction of their buyers within the past 12 months. Look for this rating along with the number of transactions the seller has completed to assess the user's reliability and experience on the site. It is possible to view additional details by clicking on the seller's name in an item listing. Look for comments from previous buyers for details about the seller's performance.


Roof racks can increase a Honda vehicle's versatility and storage capacity. They are designed for specific vehicle models and years, so buyers should begin by determining which roof racks are specifically compatible with the vehicle being driven. Next choose specific products by determining which type of roof rack meets the requirements. Some Honda vehicles are sold by the dealer with attachment points installed for a roof rack. This allows them to have a fixed point product added quickly and easily. It is also possible to install rails along the car's edge to hold the crossbars in place.

Choose a carrying system that can accommodate the types of items most frequently transported. Common carrying systems include, kayaks, canoes, skis, snowboards, and bicycles. Consider some of the different designs for each type of roof rack to find the best option available. Buyers should also decide whether it is worth paying extra for a locking carrying system. These hold items in place securely and are only accessible to drivers that have a key. Consider the manufacturer of a roof rack. Many items are available from the OEM, Honda, while compatible third party products can be found from manufacturers like Thule and Mont Blanc.

Roof racks can be purchased from eBay sellers. The number of roof racks available makes it easy to choose a good quality item for any Honda.

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