How to Choose a Stainless Steel Watch for Women

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How to Choose a Stainless Steel Watch for Women

Stainless steel watches offer sophisticated style whether worn for a fancy event or slipped on for a trip to the grocery store. Finding an appropriate women's stainless steel watch proves difficult for some, but shoppers need only pay attention to face size, band length, and the watch's overall style to find a product that matches her unique style. There are a range of fine watches you can purchace on ebay such as Tiffany & Co.

Consider the Face Size of a Stainless Steel Watch

Ladies stainless steel watches often offer the class and style in petite form to match the smaller features of women's wrists and hands. The first size to consider when shopping for a stainless steel watch is the diameter of the watch's face. Large pieces help make the wrist appear smaller, while smaller faces offer a feminine delicacy. For a quick reference while shopping, check out these common face measurements, keeping in mind that they include any casing rim that surrounds the timepiece:

Watch Face Size (mm)

Watch Face Size (inches)

24 mm

.9 inches

28 mm

1.1 inches

32 mm

1.3 inches

36 mm

1.4 inches

40 mm

1.6 inches

44 mm

1.7 inches

48 mm

1.9 inches

52 mm

2 inches

56 mm

2.2 inches

Also consider the thickness of the face's encasement because larger cases will weigh more. Watches range from 6 mm to 15 mm in width, measured from the back of the case to the crystal of the watch face.

Consider the Band Length of a Stainless Steel Watch

In addition to the size of its timepiece, when selecting an appropriate watch, remember to consider the length of the band. Women's watch bands measure from 6.75 inches to 9.5 inches long. Fortunately, some jewellery stores will alter these band lengths to fit. However, bands with links varying in width do not size down well and some designer bands do not allow for tailoring at all. To avoid problems with the fit later, try to find a product that best matches your wrist's circumference by taking measurements before shopping. Simply use a seamless, soft measuring tape looped around the wrist at the wrist bone to determine the best length. A piece of string cut to the size of the wrist also works when it is compared next to a ruler afterward.

Consider the Overall Style of a Stainless Steel Watch

Stainless steel watch styles include everything from elegant to sporty. Shoppers can find large, crystal-encrusted rims as well as simple, thin encasements. Watch faces often feature unique designs including shapes, and come in a wide range of colors. Stainless steel watch faces come with leather, metal, silicone, or rubber bands. When ready to buy, look for popular brands including Adidas, Fossil, Casio, and DKNY. With all of the available options, you can find a product that complements your personal style.

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