How to Choose a Vauxhall for Your Family

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How to Choose a Vauxhall for Your Family

Compared to previous generations, today's parents are offered more choices than ever before. When it comes to selecting a car for the family, shoppers often find themselves slammed with a dizzying array of choices. In many ways, 21st century children are lucky. The interest in their development into responsible and healthy human beings has never been so high. Unfortunately, this can create a pressure cooker situation for parents who are expected to be perfect.

If you are looking for an affordable car for the family, then consider getting a Vauxhall. Having been around since 1925, the Vauxhall has had considerable experience building family cars for the British market. Those who are serious in getting one for their family should know the questions to ask themselves when deciding what they need as a family. Additionally, it is important to evaluate the Vauxhall vehicles in terms of features and price in order to secure the best one.

Choosing a Vauxhall Based on Family Priorities

The first thing to do when choosing a Vauxhall car is to decide what is important to you as a family. Below are some of the questions that you need to answer before buying a car.

Number of Seats

Think about the number of people that you expect to carry around in a car. Families of three or four may only need to get a hatchback, while families with five or more people should consider getting MPVs. For newlyweds who have had their first child, thinking about the future is also important. Those who plan on having three or more children should think about investing in people carriers from the start. Not only is it more roomy, it also has more space for child seats. While there is every reason to get large cars for large families, make sure that it fits in the garage as well. Additionally, bear in mind that parking spaces are difficult to find for large cars in the city.

Boot Space

For a growing family, boot space is important. This is the place where parents can stow away their prams, pushchairs, bicycles, groceries, and more. It is also a place to bring camping gear, bikes, and other playthings to carnivals and other family excursions. Having enough boot space should be a prime consideration when purchasing any car. For families who own pets, make sure the boot space is roomy enough for one's furry friend, because a skittish animal can be a handful while on the road. Aside from the boot space, also look for a Vauxhall with a large engine, capable of towing trailers and caravans for family outings.

Average Length of Trips

Those who enjoy frequent travels should make sure to get a Vauxhall that has enough space for children to sleep and stretch their legs. While this is not a concern for those who zip to and from school, those who cover a lot of distance should invest in a Vauxhall with comfortable interiors and leg space. Consider looking for cars with snack holders, drinks, seat-back mounted DVD screens, and integrated sun blinds, among others. Aside from making the passengers comfortable, the driver should be comfortable, too. Consider getting a Vauxhall with automatic transmission and a six-speed gearbox to make sure driving is as comfortable as the ride.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel mileage is also another consideration in the purchase of a new Vauxhall. Generally, the smaller the car, the less fuel that it consumes. Knowing how many kilometres it has for every litre of petrol is is important for families who have to stick to a monthly budget. The money saved from this can instead go to paying for entertainment, food, and clothing, among others. Additionally, being attentive to fuel consumption also helps save the environment. While Vauxhall cars with automatic transmission are generally more comfortable to drive, these also drink up 10 per cent more petrol. Fuel-conscious shoppers should also steer clear of four-wheel drive vehicles unless living in a terrain that requires this type of car.


As parents, the natural instinct is to protect one's child. This is why when choosing a Vauxhall for your family, safety is a primary concern. Most Vauxhall cars generally have anti-lock brakes, adaptive forward lighting, manoeuvrability, smart seatbelt reminders, crumple zones, and airbags, among others.

Vauxhall Cars for Families

Vauxhall cars are available in many different models to meet the need of different types of people. Established in 1857 as a marine engine manufacturing company, Vauxhall changed its focus to building cars in the 1903 and was eventually bought by the American car company General Motors (GM). From 1925 to the present, GM has retained ownership of Vauxhall, which has been rebranding Opel cars and selling them within United Kingdom. Below are a brief description of the features and specification of various cars that were built with families in mind.



Best for Family Type

Corsa D

3- or 5-door hatchback; front wheel drive; SCCS platform; may come in 1.3 or 1.7 L diesel engine; can also come in 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, or 1.6 L petrol engine; transmission may be 4-speed automatic, 6-speed semi-automatic, 5- or 6-speed manual; first released in 2006; may include an integrated bicycle rack


Astra J

5-door estate or hatchback; Delta II platform; available in 1.7 L diesel engine; may also come in 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, or 2.0 L petrol engine; 5- or 6-speed manual transmission; also available in 6-speed automatic transmission; first released in 2009



5-door estate; compact SUV class; first released in 2006; front- and four-wheel drive with front engine; based on Theta platform; includes electric parking brake, terrain assistance, and fuel economy optimiser, among others; can come in 2.2 L diesel engine or 2.4 L petrol engine


Zafira B

5-door MPV; compact MPV class; front-wheel drive with front engine; Delta platform; available in 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, or 2.2 L petrol engine; can also come in a 1.9 L diesel engine; offered in 4- and 6-speed automatic transmission; may also be bought in 5- or 6-speed manual transmission; first released in 2005


Meriva B

5-door MPV; mini MPV class; SCCS platform; available in 1.3, 1.4, and 1.7 L engine; 5- or 6-speed manual transmission; also available in 6-speed automatic transmission; front-wheel drive with front engine; first released in 2010


These are just some of the family cars that Vauxhall is offering to the public. For the discerning mum or dad who wishes to purchase a car for the family, it is best to test drive the vehicle before making the purchase. Check the fuel economy, features, boot space, and other things that are important to you before making a decision.

Shopping for a Vauxhall Family Car on eBay

Instead of going to traditional car dealers for your Vauxhall car, consider making eBay your first stop. Not only does it boast a wider selection, there is also a greater chance for you to find a bargain. Whether you are looking for a brand new or used Vauxhall, you should find many choices offered by local and international sellers.

To start your search for the car, visit the eBay homepage and located the search box. Enter in "Vauxhall car" if you would like to just browse all the Vauxhall's available. But if you have already decided on the hatchback or MPV for your family, you can type that in instead; for example, "Vauxhall Meriva&". Those who are after a specific year can include the year in the search box. When the results turn up, you can further narrow it down by using filters like model year, car type, fuel type, transmission, vehicle mileage, colour, condition, price, and location, among others.

Another way to go about the search is by using the eBay Advanced Search tool. This allows you to set the parameters of the search before you run it. Those who do not want to wade through pages of irrelevant results should consider using Advanced Search instead of just the conventional search box found on every page. For those who do not want to pay postage just to get the car to their location, you can also search for sellers that are near your area by entering your postcode and specifying the distance that you are willing to travel just to view and collect the car.


Choosing a Vauxhall for your family, or simply buying any car, may be an exciting and overwhelming prospect. With the safety of your child in the forefront of your mind, picking one is an enormous responsibility. When selecting a Vauxhall, you should consider the number of seats, boot space, typical car trip lengths, fuel consumption, and safety features, among others. There are many things to think about, but ultimately, what works for you and your family depends entirely on your own unique circumstances. Among the Vauxhall cars that are touted to be family-friendly are the Corsa, Astra, Antara, Zafira, Meriva, and more. Those who are thinking of buying this car for their family should visit eBay to check out the cars being offered by both local and international sellers. Because these are individual sellers, it is entirely possible to find a Vauxhall with little to no mileage at a great price near your area.

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