How to Choose a Vauxhall for Your Teenager

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How to Choose a Vauxhall for Your Teenager

Vauxhall produces a number of cars, many of which are suitable for teenagers. It is important to choose a car for a new driver carefully to ensure the teenager's safety and comfort. One of the first decisions to make is between a new and used car. For many buyers, a used car is not only affordable, but also a practical choice for early drivers that may cause damage to the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Once a decision between new and used has been made, consider some of Vauxhall's most popular models. Check the safety ratings for each car and compare it with the vehicle's maximum power. In general, new drivers should avoid powerful cars and stick with models with responsive handling. It is also useful to choose between design choices like two-door and four-door models.

Vauxhalls can be purchased from dealers and private owners. Sellers list their cars in classified advertisements, dedicated car websites, and marketplaces, like eBay.

New vs. Used Vauxhall for Your Teenager

The first step when choosing a car for a teenager is to decide between new and used models. Although the upfront price is the most obvious factor involved in the decision, it is important to bear in mind the potential cost of repairs. If a used car is chosen, there are also some important steps that should be taken to ensure a positive transaction.


A new Vauxhall can be an expensive option, but it can also provide greater reliability than a used car. Depending on where the car is purchased, buyers may also be able to obtain benefits like free repairs for a certain period of time. The potential disadvantage of buying a new car for a teenager is the likelihood of depreciation due to damage. This can be anything from food spills to dents, scrapes, and other exterior damage. Ultimately, the choice between a new and used car is a personal one that should be determined by the budget of the buyer and the driving ability of the teenager.


Used Vauxhalls can be obtained for significantly less than new cars, making them an ideal option for buyers with a tighter budget. Used cars can also be a great option for teenage drivers, as they allow the driver to have a bit more freedom without worrying about the vehicle's resale value. In some cases, a Vauxhall that is over a decade old can be an ideal choice for a young driver, and can be replaced in a few years once the teenager has more experience.

Inspect a Used Vauxhall

Buyers that choose to obtain a used Vauxhall for their teenager can follow a few easy steps to ensure a positive buying experience. The most important of these is to obtain a vehicle history report. This provides detailed information about the car, including past accidents, odometer readings recorded at intervals throughout the car's lifespan, and the number of past owners.

If the vehicle history report is satisfactory, the next step is to take the Vauxhall to a mechanic for a buyer's inspection. Honest sellers should allow potential buyers to take the car to a mechanic of their choice, so select a reputable, unbiased professional. Expect to pay a fee for the buyer's inspection. The final step is to determine the true market value of the car. This reflects recent sales of similar Vauxhall models and is the maximum price a buyer should pay.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Vauxhall for Your Teenager

Once the decision between new and used cars has been made, buyers must select a particular model. The two factors to consider are the model's safety ratings and power. Once these have been determined, buyers may begin to consider the features and specific style of the car.

Safety Ratings

Safety is one of the most important pieces of information to consider when choosing a car for a teenager. Due to the near inevitability of a prang or two, it is essential for new drivers to have a car that can provide the best protection for the teenager and the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Safety and crash test ratings for Vauxhalls can be found online. The safety specification for cars often includes details about manoeuvrability, braking ability, and stability. Check for additional features like side airbags and seat belt pretensioners. Bear in mind that the safety ratings for a range of Vauxhall models can improve or decrease from one year to the next, so look for models and years that have scored the highest. Vauxhall's Insignia, Corsa, Zafira, and Meriva have all earned five star ratings from the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP).


It is also useful to consider the power of a car. Teenagers do not necessarily have the same level of control over a vehicle or the response times of more experienced drivers, which means a powerful car can become an unnecessary danger. Small cars in Vauxhall's range, such as the Corsa and Ampera, have a low maximum power, while larger cars like the Insignia are much faster. Check the maximum power of a car to find suitable models for a young driver.

Features and Style

Vauxhalls can be customised with a variety of features and designs. Although a teenager is more likely to be interested in this aspect of a car than its safety ratings, it is best to only begin choosing features after safety and power have been determined. Additional features like sunroofs, phone kits, and voice recognition can increase the cost of a car quickly. The following table lists several popular features on newer cars that may provide teenagers with greater comfort or safety.



Centre console outlet

Allows passengers to plug in electronics like mobile phones

Centre stack control interface

Provides audio and video navigation systems

Some have a touch screen

Blind spot camera

Allows the driver to see objects in the car's blind spot

Camera is mounted in the passenger-side rear view mirror

Monitor is located in the central display

Back-up collision protection

Rear sonar and backup cameras alert the driver

Intervention systems apply the car's brakes

Available features can vary from one model to the next, and new options are introduced every year. Explore specific car models to find the most desirable options.

How to Buy a Vauxhall for Your Teenager on eBay

A number of Vauxhalls can be bought from the sellers on eBay. The fastest way to initiate a search on the site is to type the name of a car into the search field. For example, enter "Vauxhall Ampera" to see all listings tagged with those terms. For a broader search, simply enter "Vauxhall". Adding the year a car was made can refine the listings. You may also filter the results by using eBay's category links. For more specific results, use the advanced search feature.

Review the Item Listing

Take the time to review item listing carefully. Read the description provided by the seller and compare it with available photographs. Look for signs of excessive wear and tear on used Vauxhalls. Many listings have a specification sheet detailing the technical aspects of the car. Understand the price of the Vauxhall, and identify its location and the available delivery options.

Seller Feedback

Buy a Vauxhall from a seller with a high feedback rating to feel confident in your purchase. Check the number of transactions the seller has completed. Read comments from past buyers for details about the seller's performance. Once you have completed your purchase, leave feedback about the seller to inform the eBay marketplace about your experience.


Vauxhall produces many cars suitable for your teenager. There are several important things to bear in mind while shopping to ensure the best experience. Begin by deciding between new and used cars. Although new cars can be reliable, they are also more expensive. A used car may allow the teenager to enjoy the vehicle more without worrying about slight dents, scratches, or damage to the interior. If a used car is chosen, take the time to do a thorough inspection of it. Obtain a vehicle history report and take the car to a mechanic for a buyer's inspection.

Look for cars with high safety ratings for greater peace of mind. Several of Vauxhall's models have scored a five-star rating on the Euro NCAP's rating system. Details about each car can be obtained from the Vauxhall website, and independent testing companies can offer information about a car's handling and performance. Choose a car with a low maximum power to prevent unnecessary collisions and injuries. The Corsa and Ampera are two of several Vauxhalls suitable for first-time drivers. Consider features that improve the comfort or safety for the teenager.

Vauxhalls are sold on eBay, so shop around to find the best options and most affordable prices before committing to a purchase. The many Vauxhall models available make it easy for you to obtain a great car for your teenager.

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