How to Choose an RC Tank Assembly Kit

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How to Choose an RC Tank Assembly Kit

RC tanks find favour with children and adults alike, and with many looking as close to real as possible, their connection with history is clear. While RC tank aficionados have the option to turn to models they can use straight out of the box, many enjoy creating their own with RC tank assembly kits. Unlike RC cars and RC planes, buyers get very few RC tank models that use nitro, with a majority running on batteries.



The scale of an RC model tank assembly kit, in most cases, affects its price directly, where larger ones demand a higher price. Buyers can find small 1:48, 1:35, and 1:24 scale models ready to assemble, although a significant percentage sell as 1:16 scale models.


What Comes in the Kit?

Popular RC tank manufacturers like Henglong and Tamiya sell RC tank kits in different scales, such 1:16. Basic models come with limited turret mobility, and good model tank kits include turrets that can move 360 degrees as well as up and down. Moreover, they include tracks made of metal along with rubber treads to offer a realistic feel. While most kits include control units, gearboxes, all required wiring, and battery cases, many do not include batteries, battery chargers, and RC transmitters. Detailing options come in the form of decal markings, sounds, guns, and human figures. Some RC model kits go a step further and include walls, buildings, human figures on foot, and targets to make for a complete battle-like setting. Look for infrared battle systems for battle capabilities.



Once assembled, the turret of a good metal RC tank can rotate 360 degrees in less than 10 seconds. Users can also expect around 20 degrees of elevation and depression of about 10 degrees. The ability of an RC tank to change climbing gradient in accordance to ground surface enables it to tread on most surfaces with relative ease. Guns on BB RC tanks can fire plastic ammo, and they can even produce sounds and smoke upon firing. Automatic reloading of guns and returning to original firing position saves time, which is valuable during game play. ManyRC battle tanks offer realistic starting, acceleration, and shutdown sounds, often recorded from real tanks. Lighting is common, and some models offer multiple lighting combinations. Lastly, runtime depends on the battery used. While 15 to 30 minutes is average, some tanks can run for as long as 60 minutes on a single charge.

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