How to Choose the Best Boxing Gloves if you Live in the UK

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In the competitive world these days it is important to stay healthy and fit and to remain in a fine fettle you have to choose the right sport for yourself. Boxing is a sport that is as old as the Greek gods and goddesses and to make it a successful part of your lives nowadays you need what you call proper boxing gloves. Boxing is an art now as it can be regarded as more than just a sport. It is a complete exercise for the whole body. To keep a healthy mind you need a healthy body so that it doesn’t tire you up by the amount of stress there is in this fast-paced world. 

If you live in the area near UK, Turner Sports has made a significant impact in the field of boxing and other combat sports as well. Although today the topic under discussion is boxing, boxing gloves are a necessary tool if you are serious about this sport acquiring it as your hobby or profession. As a beginner in the field of boxing you need to know the several types of boxing gloves used in this sport. There are Amateur, Training, Sparring, Bag and Professional gloves. Let’s see how and for what purpose, they are built:

Training Boxing Gloves:

As the name says these are for training purposes. But in my opinion these gloves can be used for literally anything. The foam that is used in them is not so hard and also not so soft. So actually they have medium foam density which makes them perfect to practice different kinds of boxing routines. There are several brands out there but only few provide the quality required to sustain the tough boxing routines. Some of them may hurt your knuckles while some of them will make your hands really sweaty from inside. So you need the perfect set of gloves that not only protects your hands but also saves your sparring partner from injury.

Sparring Boxing Gloves:

The foam that is used in them is softer and thus provides protection to you as well as your sparring partner. TurnerMAX sparring gloves are reliable when it comes to sparring activity. But it is suggested that these gloves should only be used for sparring purpose. If these gloves are used on heavy bags there is a possibility of them breaking and dislocating the foam inside them. Also the weight is significantly greater than that of the normal gloves. This helps in keeping the hands up during practice and increases the player’s stamina and endurance.

Heavy Bag Gloves:

They provide the most padding out of all the gloves. The foam is also a little hard to suffer the harsh blows you land on the punch bag. This would also mean your hands and knuckles are evenly protected throughout the punching session. They serve the only purpose of bag work as the name implies. Again there are several brands in the market providing bag gloves for heavy bag work. TurnerMAX gloves are again the talk of the town if you talk about UK. They provide enough protection and get the job done for both the hobbyists and the professionals.

Amateur Boxing Gloves:

As the name suggests they are used by the amateurs or the people who are taking part in amateur boxing contests. They are usually 10 oz to 12 oz in weight. They are padded around the knuckle area and this design helps in shock absorption during the punches. The colours that are preferred in the modern era are solid red and solid blue. The gloves made by TurnerMAX have passed excessive quality tests and they are now available throughout the UK. The amateur boxing gloves are tested by AIBA and that is certainly true if you talk about competition such as the Olympics.

Professional Boxing Gloves:

They are used in a professional boxing match. These are the least padded gloves you use. They have a weight of around 10 oz. During a fight there needs to be damage done which is why these gloves are sized 8 oz to 10 oz. With less padding around the knuckle area, the gloves provide a lethal shape and are ready for action.

Turner Sports UK wants to get ahead and talk to the people in general about their idea of boxing. Because here at Turner Sports boxing is taken pretty seriously and hence the high quality of products is guaranteed. Now that you know the basics of boxing, TurnerMAX as a brand is making sure it is up there with the leading international brands. And the company itself is devoted to the people who think that there is still the need to improve in boxing and the future generations will be praising all those who did something positive in favour of boxing. 

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