How to Choose the Best Garden Lanterns

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How to Choose the Best Garden Lanterns

Garden lanterns offer functional as well as aesthetic lighting for paths, gardens, pools, and yards. Garden lanterns vary in style from pole-mounted lights to small lights that stake to the ground, and you can choose any of them based on your space, style, and budget. Learning more about garden lanterns can help you make an informed purchase.


Garden Lantern Power Options

Garden lanterns come in a variety of styles and not all of them need electricity to function. Other options include candle lanterns, storm lanterns—which use fuel, usually oil, and a wick—and gas lanterns. Electric or solar powered garden lanterns are usually the most convenient for everyday use. Candle lanterns make excellent decorations for garden parties, weddings, and other outdoor events, while gas and oil lanterns are convenient if electricity is not available at the location.


Garden Lantern Style

Another consideration is the garden lantern's design. Torch style lanterns include stakes that go into the ground, and hold the lantern upright. Hanging garden lanterns go on posts, fences, or rooftops. Stake lights are shorter versions of torch lights and may feature electric lights, gas lanterns, or candles. Wall lanterns mount to a wall or garden fence as a standard form of lighting. Chinese lanterns are round paper lanterns that hang, or sit on a flat space. Moroccan lanterns feature a decorated glass case with an enclosed lid, and are hung or left on a table. String lanterns are usually multi-coloured paper lanterns strung on a power cord, and hang up like Christmas lights. There are plenty of different styles to choose from. Consider looking around and choosing something that suits your style, and the occasion. Colours also vary, with options varying from plain steel or wood to brightly coloured and painted paper and glass masterpieces.


Garden Lantern Features

Most garden lanterns are waterproof, and that is one feature to look for, but there are a number of other garden lantern features as well. For example, motion sensors turn the lamps on when people walk by. This is a great feature if you want to conserve energy and have the lights on whenever you need them. Other features to look out for including light dimmable lighting, floodlights, light covers, and rust resistance.


Garden Lantern Brand

The brand may not be an important factor when purchasing a garden lantern, but you might want to pay attention to it. Some brands offer better quality assurance than others do, but this is not always the case. Frostfire, Gardman, Safield, and Sedgewick are a few available brands. However, many garden lanterns are unbranded, which makes it difficult to shop by brand.

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