How to Choose the Best Pliers for the Job

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How to Choose the Best Pliers for the Job

Pliers look simple, but they are one of the most versatile tools available. The small hand tool with opposable teeth turns bolts, twirls nuts, and keeps objects in place. Shaped like a pair of tongs, pliers use the force of your hands to complete tasks related to construction, electrical work, and plumbing. Find the perfect pliers for the job when you purchase them on eBay, and arm yourself with the best tool for the task.

Decide on Types of Tasks for the Pliers

One pair of pliers goes a long way. Not only are pliers required when you are putting together or taking apart things because they tighten and loosen nuts and bolts, but plumbers use pliers to grip pipes, electricians use them for cutting, splicing, and twisting wires, and construction workers apply pliers to insulation in order to strip it. The tool has many home uses too. Use them to repair a sink, remove nails from the wall, repair fishing lures, or in a pinch, use them as a hammer.

Pick the Pliers Type

Since pliers have many uses, it pays to know which pair is best for each different job. For electrical use and wire cutting, use lineman's pliers with insulated handles. To complete general tasks like turning nuts and bolts, utility pliers fit the bill. Adjustable pliers are flexible enough to accommodate differently sized projects, and slim needle-nose pliers fit in tight spaces for detailed jobs. Slip joint pliers are great grippers and have two slips that customise to fit the job. Choose long-nose pliers for bending wire or dealing with very small objects to grasp.

Choose the Pliers Size

For safety reasons, use 6-inch or longer pliers. This ensures that squeezing the pliers does not injure your fingers. Otherwise, fit the pliers to the job. For delicate tasks, choose smaller ones, and for heavy-duty tasks related to construction or plumbing, try an 8-inch or even 10-inch tool. Having a selection of different sizes on hand is best if you use pliers frequently for work or hobby purposes.

Buy Specialty Pliers

One category of pliers unrelated to construction or tools is jewellery pliers. Jewellery makers use crimping pliers that flatten special crimping links to close necklaces or bracelets. Other hobby pliers include flat-nose pliers for bending jewellery wire, split ring pliers to open rings, and fishing pliers which fishermen use to cut fishing lines and repair lures.

Purchase the Best Brand

There are many brands of pliers to choose from, but there are some top brands to consider when you are shopping. Well-known brands like Bahco, Draper, and Stanley offer top-of-the-line pliers and convenient sets which come with a variety of pliers ranging in size and type. While Bahco creates precision water pump pliers, Stanley makes a wide number of linesman pliers and wire cutters.

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