How to Choose the Right Body Kit for Your Mazda

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How to Choose the Right Body Kit for Your Mazda

Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer that began production in 1931. This company makes cars for the international market, including the UK. It produces small, compact, speedy cars. These zippy vehicles are popular with younger people for their affordability, speed, and manoeuvrability. The brand is also popular for customisation. Mazda owners can buy car body kits to enhance certain features on the vehicle. These kits include a number of pre-formed panels and parts in different materials.

The right body kit is made of appropriate materials and provides the driver with the aesthetic look that he or she wants. In order to understand which body kit materials are appropriate for the car, drivers need to do some research. It is possible to purchase a full body kit with everything required to style the Mazda or to purchase individual components. Some Mazda owners like to mix and match parts from different kits for a more unique look too. A custom body kit can be bought from car parts dealers, garages, and car restorers, as well as online at eBay.

Materials Used in Body Kits

Body kits use a variety of materials to enhance the original car body. These materials are not made of metal, like a traditional car body. This means that they dent and crack more easily, but they do not rust and are able to be formed into some eye-catching designs.


Fibreglass is popular for use on many kinds of vehicle bodies from canoes to small motorised go-carts. It is a mix of poured plastic and fine glass fibers and is the most commonly used material for car body kits. Fibreglass is lightweight and does not warp in high temperatures, but its rigidity can be a negative factor when driving in a vehicle with a low profile. Fibreglass is rigid, so it may scrape and crack when driving over bumps and potholes. Those who want to add a customised paint job to their car after adding the body kit find it easier to do with a fibreglass body because paint sticks to it better than other materials.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is a polymer mixed with carbon fibres to create a strong, rigid, and durable material. This is stronger than fibreglass, and also lighterweight. However, carbon fibre is not commonly used in commercial car body kits because it is so expensive to produce. It is used popularly in high performance racing cars for its strength, flexibility, and light weight. Most carbon fibre parts are ready to install on the car straight out of the box. Drivers usually like to mix carbon fibre parts with parts made from other materials to cut down on costs.


Polyurethane parts are more expensive because the manufacturing process is more involved. However, they are worth the extra money because they are more flexible and easier to install. Polyurethane flexes and bends without breaking, which means that it can be forced into place without as much concern about breakage. It can also last longer on the car without breaking when hitting bumps or debris on the road.

Super Polyurethane

Super polyurethane is a type of extremely durable and strong polyurethane. This material is considered more weatherproof than other types. However, it is produced exclusively by only a few companies.

ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is a material used commonly by car manufacturers for body panels. It is a thermoplastic derived from the polymerisation of styrene and acrylonitrile with polybutadiene. This material is expensive, but it provides the strength of fibreglass with the flexibility of polyurethane. ABS is heat, chemical, and impact resistant. It is also forgiving when being forced into place on a vehicle, and takes paint very well. ABS plastic is heavier than the other materials used in body kits, but it may blend better with the rest of the car body.

Components of a Body Kit

Mazda owners can add a wide range of components when customising their cars. Ideally, these blend smoothly with the original body to create an attractive and unique look. Drivers may choose just one or two components or they can outfit the car completely with a full body kit. Below are the parts supplied in body kits.

Full Body Kit

Many drivers can purchase full body kits for their Mazda to make customising it a quick and easy process. These full kits come with a standard range of components. The more expensive kits include more parts and use better materials. Some drivers use parts from different kits to create a more unique look. Below is a table listing the parts in most full body kits.




Front bumper

Slides over or replaces the original front bumper


Hugs ground

Brightly coloured or flared

Rear bumper

Slides over or replaces the original rear bumper


Hugs ground

Brightly coloured or flared

Front lip

Attaches below the front bumper

Brings the car closer to the ground

Adds style to the bumper


Slides over or attaches to the original grille

Changes the front of the car from the original design


Range of colours

These are the standard items included in a full body kit for the Mazda. Other components may be found in some kits.

Side Skirts

Drivers can add side skirts to make it appear as if the car is hugging the road for a sleeker look. These side skirts attach to the panels on the sides of the car between the front and rear wheels. Side skirts can add just a little bit of depth or they can be large enough to wrap around part of the mudguard. Cars that have been lowered or have hydraulics added before adding skirts should be raised enough to give the car clearance on the road.


Some Mazda owners have a spoiler attached to the back of the vehicle. These flat bars of material were originally intended to reduce drag. Now, they are used primarily for their aesthetic appeal by drivers that customise their cars. Some manufacturers do produce cars with optional spoilers too. For example, the Mazda RX-8 R3 comes as standard with a spoiler. However, the original spoilers have a lower profile and are not as eye-catching as those from body kits.

Mudguard Flares

Drivers who want to make their Mazdas look a little bigger, and more rugged on the road can add mudguard flares. These fit over the car's mudguards, expanding the side of the car and making it seem slightly bigger. Flares are also an easy part to add to the car, as they are secured by just sliding them over the mudguards. Black and grey are the most popular colours, but drivers can also find them in the same colour as the car.

Buying the Right Body Kit for Your Mazda on eBay

You can find great deals on Mazda body kits when you visit eBay. This site allows sellers to list full body kits, individual components, and the tools to complete the job. The number of competing sellers on eBay means that products are available to suit any budget. Find the right body kit for your Mazda by using the search function, which is indicated by a bar found at the top of every page. Just fill in your search terms, such as "Mazda front bumper". The site looks through all of its listings, returning only those that match your search terms. Read the item description carefully before committing to a purchase.

Seller Location

Buying a full body kit or components results in the dispatch of bulky parts. In order to save money on delivery, search for a seller in your local area. This reduces the cost of postage, and you may even be able to collect your body kit in person. To find out if this is possible, contact the seller. You can search by postcode using the advanced search feature, or sort the listings on the results page in order of distance.


Mazda owners can make their cars a little bit different by using a body kit. These kits are made with different materials including fibreglass, carbon fibre, polyurethane, and ABS plastic. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantage. For example, carbon fibre is strong, lightweight, and flexible, but it is also very expensive. The most popular material to use for customising a car is fibreglass because it is the least expensive, but also very rigid.

After deciding which material is preferred, drivers need to select which parts they want to use. Body kits contain a standard range of components, including bumpers, grilles, and front lips. A spoiler and mudguard flares are easy to install to complete the customised look. Most of these components just slide over or attach to the original manufacturer part. However, care must be taken when attaching less flexible materials as they can break rather than bend when forced into position. eBay sellers offer a range of Mazda body kits, so you can find the right one for your car.

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