How to Choose the Right Cellar Cooler

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How to Pick the Right Cellar Cooler for Your Needs

Cellar coolers include beer coolers, wine coolers, or any other type of refrigeration system used for chilling alcoholic drinks. Choosing the right cellar cooler from the many types available on the market means you need to consider a number of factors about your drinks collection and storage space before purchasing.


Consider the Contents of Your Selection

Choosing the right cellar cooler for your needs requires you to first consider which drinks you have and whether they require long-term chilling. For instance, if you only need to store beverages that should be consumed quickly, such as pinot grigios, you may only need a small wine fridge to keep your selection cool. If, however, you have rare or aged wines that are likely to remain in storage for quite some time, you may benefit from a larger, built-in wine cooling or beer cooling system that can keep an entire room cold.


Consider the Size of Your Selection

Similarly, the size of your drinks selection affects the type of cellar cooler you will choose. For instance, you do not need to refrigerate your entire cellar if you only keep a couple dozen bottles of beer or wine on hand. In that case, you should choose a beer fridge or small wine cooler instead of an industrial refrigeration system.


Consider the Size of the Cellar

If your drinks selection demands a system that can cool an entire room, the size and strength of the system you need depends upon the size of the cellar. For a space with 90 cubic feet of space, you need a system that provides 1,500 BTU/hr, while for a larger room of 2,000 cubic feet, you need a system that offers 8,500 BTU/hr. Choosing the correct size will enable you to efficiently cool your room without forcing you to spend more money than necessary. Basically, small cellars require smaller systems, while larger cellars can handle large coolers and refrigeration systems. Finding the right cellar cooler for your needs requires you to take into account the space you have available and which systems work best within that space.

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