How to Choose the Right Colour Carpet

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How to Choose the Right Colour Carpet

Used widely in homes, carpets offer a comforting touch and add warmth to a room. A carpet is an important aspect of a home, one that can be used to bring new dynamics, colour, and a sense of style to a living space. By providing more warmth for the feet compared to tiled or hardwood floors, carpets keep homeowners comfortable during colder and wetter months. Of course, settling on the ideal colour of carpet for a room can seem like a complicated matter. Issues such as decor, a room’s use, the traffic in a room, and the homeowner’s personality can all come into play in the selection of a carpet colour.

Adhering to a few basic guidelines when it comes to selecting a carpet colour can be of great help to a consumer in this process. Once they have settled on a carpet colour or wish to explore certain options, shoppers may also benefit from some tips on purchasing carpets online at the auction site, eBay.

Tips for Selecting the Right Colour Carpet

Several issues can factor into the selection of a carpet colour. The following tips provide a way to narrow in on a selection by taking personal, aesthetic, and pragmatic points into consideration during the selection process.

Go for Classic Colours Instead of Trend Colours

Many people remember the harsh colours of the 1970s that left some homes with orange and green carpets long after these bold choices had gone out of fashion. When selecting a carpet colour, it can be good for consumers to look for more classic options that can transcend trend and work in any fashion era to provide lasting value. Neutrals such as beige, white, and grey tend to translate well from one era to the next and can look appropriate or on-trend no matter what the prevailing trends may be.

Consider How Much Traffic a Carpet Gets

When selecting a colour for a carpet, the consumer should also consider how much foot traffic a carpet gets on a given day. While spray cleaners and quality vacuums have made it easier to maintain the average carpet, it can still be advantageous to match a carpet’s colour to the amount of use it can get. If a room or area gets a lot of people walking over it during the day, consumers may want to consider darker colours that can cover the wear and stains that come with regular foot traffic. Formal rooms and guest rooms that see much less foot traffic are good options for lighter carpet selections. Making the right colour selection for high traffic areas can save a consumer a lot of time and effort in cleaning carpet stains.

Keep the Size and Position of a Room in Mind

If a room receives a good deal of sunlight during the day, a consumer may want to select a lighter shade of carpet which does not fade and show sun damage. Of course, another consideration in sunny rooms is toning down the brightness of a space; a homeowner with a well-lit room may want to choose a darker colour which can act as a counterbalance to a too-bright space. Consumers should also remember that smaller spaces can be made to appear even smaller with dark colours, while light coloured carpets can expand a space.

All of these issues should be taken into consideration when selecting a carpet colour, with a consumer determining whether a light or a dark colours best answers the needs. A consumer should also consider the colour of the blinds or curtains in a room and how the entire room is likely to look with the carpet when those coverings are drawn shut.

Consider Whether the Carpet is a Focal Point in the Room’s Design Scheme

Good design is a matter of creating focal points in a room. If a room’s design is already quite busy, a consumer may want to select a muted carpet colour that acts as a neutral note in the space. If a design scheme is very minimal, an individual may want to select a bolder colour choice for the carpet in order to make a statement.

Work Off the Colour of the Walls

While matching a carpet exactly to a wall’s colour does not work well, paying attention to the colour of the wall and then working within the same family of colours does. For example, a consumer might select a carpet colour that is a shade or two lighter than the colour of the walls in a room. Likewise, if a colour scheme has been selected with the walls and decor, an individual looking for a carpet may want to integrate the carpet colour into that overall scheme. The main concern in working a carpet colour into a colour scheme in a room is to avoid creating a matchy-matchy look and, instead, create a series of contrasting and complementary colours.

Go For Neutral Colours to Allow for Redecorating

If a consumer likes to redecorate often, he or she should select a carpet option that is neutral and can complement any design scheme. Neutral selections such as white, grey, beige, or ecru can work in almost any design scenario. Beige and grey stand up more readily to stains, while white and ecru take a bit more maintenance.

Consider the Shag of a Carpet When Selecting a Colour

How deep and plush the pile is on a carpet can affect how its colour translates into a room. A red carpet, for example, with a very short pile can be subtle, while a red carpet with a very deep pile can be a much more assertive statement. Carpets with shag pile can often feature two or more colours integrated into the design, creating a heathered effect. If a consumer is looking for a carpet with a shag pile, it is important to understand that this can skew the net effect of a colour in the room, for better or for worse.

Keep the Nature of a Room in Mind

A room that is used for greeting and entertaining guests may want a more lighthearted aspect; as such, it should be matched with a lighter or brighter carpet colour. A study, on the other hand, as a place of contemplation, is usually well-suited by a darker colour with more serious overtones. When looking through carpet colours, consumers should take a moment to consider what a room it is intended for and the type of events and activities that can take place in that room.

Shopping for Carpets and Accessories

Once a consumer has settled on a few colour choices and is ready to start reviewing possible carpet selections, it is important for him or her to have an idea of the vendor options for purchasing carpets. Consumers may also want to keep an eye out for essential carpet accessories such as vacuums and cleaners during their search and purchase everything they need to maintain the new carpet. Certain traditional retailers may carry a range of selections when it comes to both carpets and their accessory items, but a larger array of choices in carpets can be found on online at the auction site, eBay.

Buying Carpets and Accessory Items on eBay

There are several ways in which you can begin shopping for carpets and accessory items on eBay. One of the easier ways is to run a basic search on the site. If you already have a specific colour or pile in mind for a carpet, then use this criteria in your search to narrow the results. For example, you may enter "brown carpet" to get the appropriate listings in that colour. The site itself provides related search suggestions when searches are run, allowing you to explore other options you may not have considered on your own.

It can make for an improved experience on eBay if you take a bit of time to get to know the sellers from whom you are interested in making a purchase. Go to a seller’s page and look through that seller’s past auctions. You can also read feedback which the seller received from other customers in the past. This process can ensure that you get the carpet options of your choice delivered in a timely and efficient manner.


Selecting the right carpet colour for a room is an easy process if approached in a systematic manner. By taking a few key issues into consideration, such as the placement of a room, how much use a room is put to, and the decor of a room, a consumer can quickly settle on an ideal colour of carpet to complement the surroundings. Once the colour has been selected, the process of finding and purchasing a carpet and accessories can be easily done via the online auction site, eBay. On this website, consumers can select from any number of carpet listings, view multiple colours in a single type of carpet, and make the right selection for a room.

When a consumer has narrowed down the choices, all he or she needs to do is take a bit of time to evaluate a seller and confirm that the specific carpet in question is available. In no time at all, an individual can leverage eBay’s impressive and wide-ranging catalogue to find any shade of carpet to integrate into a space and enhance the quality of life in a home.

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