How to Choose the Right Concert Tickets for Grandparents

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How to Choose the Right Concert Tickets for Grandparents

It can be difficult to shop for grandparents. After all, how can anyone show appreciation for years of home cooked meals, life's words of wisdom, and tender love that grandparents lavish onto their children and grandchildren? Whether buying for a landmark birthday or just saying "thank you", choosing the right gifts to demonstrate appreciation for grandparents can result in an exercise in futility. Yet, one gift stands the test of time and it does not require an elaborate scheme to purchase. The gift comes in the form of a live musical performance.

Concert ticket buyers can choose the right tickets for their grandparents by waiting in line at the venue holding the concert or going online to ticket outlets. The best option is to go online, but not to a ticket sales outlet. eBay hosts a wide variety of ticket sellers, many of which offer excellent concert tickets at discounted prices. To get the best deals on eBay, ticket buyers should first learn about the factors to consider during the concert ticket buying process, and then decide on the method to use for procuring the tickets.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Concert Tickets for Grandparents

Whether the concert tickets are for celebrating an anniversary or in commemoration of Grandparent's Day, children and grandchildren need to follow a checklist of factors before deciding upon which concert tickets to purchase for their beloved grandparents. Some grandparents simply prefer to listen to their favourite artists in the comfort of their homes via an old-fashioned turntable or a compact disc player. Consider the following factors before whipping out the wallet to purchase concert tickets for grandparents.


There used to be a fairly standard list of genres that appealled to a vast majority of grandparents. Classical, soft jazz, and light pop comprised the three most popular music genres. However, contemporary grandparents grew up during the rock and roll revolution, which means choosing a genre no longer means flipping through a grandparents' Matt Monro albums. The 2012 English leg of The Who proves that grandparents continue to enjoy live rock and roll gigs.

Sound Level

Regardless of genre, live concerts typically blast sound throughout indoor venues. The more intimate the setting, the louder the music. For indoor concerts, consider seats located towards the middle of the arena, at ground level. These seats are located the furthest distance away from the largest speakers. Outdoor venues do a better job of dispersing sound over a larger area. While grandparents may not suffer from hearing problems, measures should be taken to prevent ear drum damage.


Consider buying concert tickets close to the stage at floor level or nearby in the raised seating sections for grandparents who want to experience the visual effects of a live show. This is especially true for live rock and roll acts, such as Pink Floyd and Yes. Grandparents may also want a bird's eye view of an emphatic conductor integrating the myriad elements of his or her symphonic band. Moreover, tickets close to a stage provide better illumination in typically dark concert venues.

Seat Comfort

Back, shoulder, and joint pain can all flare by sitting in live concert seats that do not provide cushion or straight back and lower body support. It may be nearly impossible to find outdoor venues that have comfortable seats for grandparents. Many venues add folding chairs on venue floors that can prompt discomfort for grandparents. Consider indoor venue tickets for seats that have padded armrests and thick seat cushion support.

Time of Day

The axiom, "The older we get, the earlier we go to bed", still resonates with pensioners. Virtually every rock and pop concert occurs during the evening, which may not appeal to grandparents who check in early. Many classical concert venues schedule weekend matinees that accommodate grandparent schedules. Children and grandchildren who do not know what time of day their grandparents prefer to watch a live show should simply ask for preference.

Match the Mood

Are the concert tickets a show of appreciation or part of a 50th wedding anniversary celebration? The mood of the occasion goes a long way in determining which type of concert tickets to buy. Significant occasions, such as a 70th birthday celebration, require more digging to unearth tickets near the stage. Special occasions also mean making more than the concert part of the celebration. An intimate dinner, combined with an overnight stay at a luxury hotel, enhance the concert experience.

Buying Concert Tickets for Grandparents Online

Buying concert tickets for grandparents online represents the quickest and most convenient way to secure tickets. Analyse the layout of the venue and choose the available tickets that match the criteria for providing optimal enjoyment for grandparents. Consider online presales, public sales, late ticket releases, and classified websites.


Concert ticket buyers who do not want to stake out a place near the front of the queue should consider buying concert tickets for their grandparents during online presales. Venues that possess capacities that exceed a couple of thousand tend to offer tickets through online presales that allow ticket buyers to be first in the queue, while they are online. For instance, presale tickets may become available on a Thursday evening for concert tickets that officially go on sale the following Saturday morning. Presales allow ticket buyers to select prime seats, without having to pay inflated prices.

Venues that conduct presales invariably require ticket buyers to access the sale by using a password. Radio stations often sponsor concert ticket presales, which means ticket buyers create an account on the radio station's website to receive the presale password. Another type of concert ticket presale involves corporate sponsorship. Credit card companies lead the list of corporate concert sponsors, which means ticket holders must own the company's credit card to obtain password access to the presale. Retail chain sponsorship may require ticket buyers to become members of the chain's rewards programme to gain access to the presale.

Public Sales

Ticket buyers who miss a concert ticket presale can still procure quality seats by going online at least 15 minutes prior to a concert ticket sale. Create an account and log in to the website before the ticket sale commences. When the clock strikes the hour of the sale, ticket buyers who have preregistered have already provided all of the information required to consummate a concert ticket transaction. While sales represent the virtual version of standing in line, the amount of energy required to secure public sale tickets is much less in cyberspace. There is no pushing and shoving when the ticket counters open.

Late Ticket Releases

There is a distinct possibility that ticket buyers can be denied concert tickets. However, do not throw in the towel. For almost every concert, the concert promoter, band, and venue withhold tickets to accommodate friends, family members, and business clients. The concert tickets withheld for personal use tend to exceed the amount of tickets needed to satisfy guests. Therefore, the promoter, band, or venue release concert tickets after the presale and public sale. Periodically check for late-release tickets, especially within one week of the concert date. Since the tickets are withheld by VIPs, expect any late-release tickets to be some of the best seats at the venue holding the concert.

Classified Websites

There are several reasons why online concert ticket sellers must unload their tickets. They may have purchased too many tickets or a few people have changed their minds about attending the concert. Sometimes, circumstances arise that prevent grandparents from attending a live concert. These tickets become available on classified websites, and since the seller has little time to make a sale, the tickets cost less than the same tickets purchased during a presale or public sale. While classified websites provide a fertile shopping ground for concert tickets, the best online venue for securing concert tickets is one the leading ecommerce sites, eBay.

How to Buy Concert Tickets for Grandparents on eBay

eBay provides ticket buyers with a powerful search engine that returns search results based on typed keywords. You can type "concert tickets" into the search engine, but the results list can run dozens of pages. To reduce the number of search results, and hence, reduce the time you spend on an eBay search, type targeted keywords into eBay's search engine. For instance, when you search for accommodations located near the concert venue, type " hotel" into the search engine. Moreover, type the name of the concert to receive search results that fit your buying criteria.

Only consider buying concert tickets on eBay from sellers who live in the United Kingdom. Native British sellers have a much better understanding of venue layouts and acoustic quality, two factors that you must discern before you buy concert tickets on eBay. Another way to vet eBay concert ticket sellers is by reviewing the customer feedback that eBay places on seller product pages. You should only consider sellers who have earned high praise over the past year for selling concert or theatre tickets. Once you select a seller, ask the seller if he or she runs an eBay Store where you can purchase tickets directly.


What can be purchased for the people who have everything? In the twilight of their fulfilling lives, there is not much that grandparents need or even want. This makes it hard to find the right gift to show appreciation and affection for years of doting care and kindness. Grandparents who have a fondness for music make it easier to find the right gift, although the gift does not come in the form of an MP3 player or a collection of compact discs. The gift comes in the form of the right concert tickets for grandparents.

Buying the right concert tickets for grandparents requires the consideration of a number of factors. Which music genre do the grandparents enjoy most? Do they have audio or visual issues that prevent the purchase of certain tickets? What about seat comfort and the time of day when the concert occurs? After completing the list of concert ticket factors, the next step is to purchase the tickets. Buyers have multiple ways to purchase tickets, starting with presales that beat the rush, followed by sales on the day of ticket release, late ticket sales, and finally, online from a classified website. However, eBay remains the best way to find quality concert tickets at prices close to face value.

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