How to Choose the Right Double-sided Tape

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How to Choose the Right Double-sided Tape

No matter what you call it, the principle behind the function of double coated, double sided, or covered adhesive tape is the same. Instead of adhesive on just one side of the tape, as in the normal household sticky tape roll, the adhesive is on both sides of the tape, often covered by a peel off film. Choosing the right double-sided or heavy-duty tape comes down the application where you intend to use the tape.


Clear Double-sided Tape

Clear double-sided tape is one of the most popular types of sticky tape on the market. People use it for photo albums, school projects, and anywhere that they need a nearly invisible tape. One of the most popular ways of using clear double-sided tape is in scrapbooking, where you can use it to adhere photographs or other memorabilia to paper. You can find it in a variety of widths and strengths, as well.


Foam Double-sided Tape

Double-sided foam tape, most often covered in urethane foam, is useful for its ability to conform to different shapes. It typically features a high sheer strength and you can find it with a high-temperature acrylic adhesive or a rubber based adhesive. People typically use this double-sided tape for bonding varied surfaces. People use it for construction, marine, and other mounting applications, and home uses often include scrapbooking for a padded look, mounting photos in a shadow box, or joining picture frames.


Double-sided Carpet Tape

Carpet tape is quite useful for many home users. People use it to secure carpet to the padding or directly to the floor to keep the carpet from sliding or bunching. Constructed with a strong weave and designed to handle high traffic, double-sided carpet tape has few home applications other than carpet installation.


Double-sided Automotive Tape

People often use double-sided automotive tape to attach trim pieces to the interior of the automobile. You can often find it on and around the dashboard and door handles because automotive tape is strong, water resistant, and durable. Home uses can include hobby crafting for model airplanes and cars.


Heavy Duty Double-sided Tape

Heavy-duty tape with adhesive on both sides is a good choice for many home applications, especially tape that is 25 mm double sided or wider. You can use it for taping tiles in place for decorate displays, holding mirror tiles for entryway or other room decor, and mounting framed posters to the wall. Builders often use this tape to mount mirrors above bathroom sinks, street numbers to outer walls, and as additional or backup application for something screwed into the wall. Strong double-sided tape is quite difficult to remove once it is in place, so be careful when selecting it in case you want to remove the item in the future.

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