How to Choose the Right Features for Your Lexus

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How to Choose the Right Features for Your Lexus

Few brands exude a sense of luxury more than Lexus does. Though this luxury vehicle brand is still in its infancy, the line was well received by consumers when it was introduced, and the company continues to produce innovative luxury vehicles that perform incredibly well and help keep drivers and passengers safe while on the road. Consumers can avail of the multiple Lexus models on the market, though prospective buyers can also find retired models for sale.

The Lexus brand is Toyota’s luxury brand, and therefore, Lexus vehicles typically are more feature-rich than Toyota vehicles. Prospective buyers can choose from a number of optional features are available on Lexus vehicles, and one can expect these features to be on par or better than those offered on more expensive brands. Buyers should familiarise themselves with the standard and optional features when deciding on Lexus vehicles. New vehicles are typically purchased through Lexus dealerships, while used vehicles can be purchased from dealerships, used car lots, or individual sellers. A great way for prospective buyers to locate Lexus vehicles sold by individual sellers is to look on eBay. This website makes it possible to access a great selection of vehicles at low prices.

A Brief History of Lexus

The Lexus brand was born in 1989. The brainchild of Toyota chairman Eiki Toyoda, the first Lexus was introduced in an attempt to break into the luxury American car market. The company’s first car was the Lexus LS400, which debuted at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Whereas other automobile manufacturers, such as Honda, simply slapped a luxury label on their vehicles, Toyota spent considerable amounts of funds developing 450 prototypes to get just the right look and feel for its first foray into the luxury market. The development team even lived in California to better understand Americans’ desires when it comes to cars.

Though the Lexus brand was introduced in the US, it quickly began affecting sales of other luxury vehicles, including Mercedes Benz and BMW. Shortly after the turn of the century, the Lexus brand was introduced to Japan as well as to Europe, Australia, and South America. Lexus vehicles are available in 50 countries, and the company continues to be a leader in the luxury market.

The Lexus Line-Up

Lexus manufactures a number of vehicle models that are sold within the United Kingdom. The company's line-up includes several sedans, a crossover vehicle, and a sport utility vehicle, or SUV. These vehicles are all designed to be more luxurious and perform better than their Toyota counterparts, which is why so many individuals covet the Lexus brand. Because Lexus is considered a luxury car brand, even the base Lexus models are more luxurious and offer more features than the base Toyota models. Many buyers may find that the base model Lexus has all the features they desire.

Lexus Model

Type of Vehicle


Hybrid crossover


Sport sedan, also available as a hybrid


Sedan, also available as a hybrid


High-performance sedan, also available as a hybrid


Hybrid SUV

Lexus has two models that are only available as hybrids, while the company’s other three vehicles are available in hybrid and standard petrol versions. Hybrids have become increasingly popular due to the rising cost of petrol. Their engines use battery power along with petrol to extend the distance drivers are able to go between filling tanks.

Lexus CT

Lexus offers the CT in the configurations of CT 200h S, CT 200h SE, CT 200h Advance, CT 200h Luxury, and CT 200h F Sport, and CT 200h Premier. The models feature hybrid engines, which reduce petrol consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. All CT models come standard with alloy wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, light-emitting diode, or LED, brake lights, and daytime running lights. Other standard features include halogen headlamps, air bags, antilock brakes, and traction control system. More expensive models offer leather heated seats, larger alloy wheels, Parking Assist Monitor, and improved audio and communications systems.

Although many people find that the base CT, which is the CT 200h S, has all the features they are looking for, others want more features or a more luxurious interior. The CT models are available in nine exterior colours. The CT 200h S and CT 200h SE are available with a choice of three interior fabric trim colours, while the CT 200h Advance only comes in black fabric. Both the CT 200h Luxury and CT 200h Premier are available in the customer’s choice of three leather trim colours, while the CT 200h F Sport comes with black leather trim.

Lexus IS

The Lexus IS family of vehicles is comprised of two models, each of which has four different configurations. The IS 250 features a petrol-powered V6 engine, while the IS 300h offers an eco-friendly hybrid engine. Both models are available in SE, Luxury, F Sport, and Premier configurations. The less expensive models offer optional parking sensors and full map navigation, while these features are standard on the more expensive models. In addition, vented, electric leather seats are only available with the Premier configuration.

Lexus GS

Two Lexus GS models are available in the market. The GS 250 offers a petrol engine, while the GS 450h offers a hybrid engine. Each model is available in three configurations. The GS 250 is available in the SE, Luxury, and F Sport configurations, while the GS 450h is available in the Luxury, F Sport, and Premier configurations. All configurations offer bi-xenon headlamps, blind spot detection system, parking sensors, and leather seating. In addition, the more expensive configurations provide better communication and audio systems, brushed metal or wood trim, and additional luxury features.

Lexus LS

The Lexus LS is the company’s high-end, high-performance automobile. This vehicle comes in two versions, namely, the LS460 and the LS600hL. The LS460 offers a V8 engine, while the LS600hL offers a hybrid engine. Both models come with leather seats, heated front and rear seats, and a choice of inlay designs for the dashboard, including an ashburl wood, walnut wood, and ebony wood.

The LS460 is available in two configurations, the LS460 and the LS 460 F Sport, while the LS600hL is only available in a single configuration. Because these vehicles are top-of-the-line Lexus cars, they come equipped with many of the features that are only available on the more expensive configurations of other vehicles.

Lexus RX

The RX 450h is the only SUV in the Lexus line-up. It is available in four configurations, all of which feature a hybrid engine. The Premier configuration comes with a sunroof, while the sunroof is optional on the F Sport and Luxury models. All models offer a leather-wrapped steering wheel with multifunction switches built in, including cruise control adjustment and telephone buttons. In addition, all models offer leather upholstery, heated front seats, and a leather gear stick. The rear in-car entertainment system is optional on all three models, as is Bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary and USB ports.

Features to Consider When Shopping for a Lexus

Because Lexus is a luxury vehicle manufacturer, many of the features that are considered optional on non-luxury vehicles come standard with this brand. There are, however, additional features that are only available on the higher-end Lexus models. It is helpful for potential buyers to know the features that are available on the different types of Lexus models. For example, rear in-car entertainment system is not an option on all of the Lexus vehicles, so this rules out some of the models from a buyer's consideration.

Leather Seats

Most of the Lexus vehicles come with leather upholstery, although entry-level configurations of some models, such as the CT, only offer fabric interiors. Some Lexus models offer a total of three options for leather colour, while some of the more expensive models offer five colour choices.


All Lexus vehicles come with alloy wheels, though the base models typically have wheels with a smaller diameter when compared to more expensive models. It may be possible for Lexus owners to install larger tyres and wheels on their vehicles after purchase; however, at this point, both the tyre and the alloy wheel need to be replaced, and this can cost quite a bit of money. It may be better to purchase a model that has the wheel size one is looking for rather than replacing the wheels and tyres after the fact.

Sound System/Communications/Navigation

The entire Lexus lineup comes with Bluetooth connectivity; however, not all models include USB and other auxiliary ports. These ports make it possible to connect other devices to a vehicle’s sound system, such as an iPod or iPhone. Users who frequently listen to music stored on an iPod or iPhone may want to shop for a model that offers this connectivity. When it comes to sound systems, the basic Lexus sound system is a six-speaker audio system. Higher-end models offer more speakers as well as the addition of digital audio and a built-in hard drive to store music. The multimedia packages also come with a variety of other features, including dynamic route guidance, Parking Assist Monitor, and a touchscreen interface.

The navigation, audio, and communications features a vehicle is equipped with depends on the model as well as the configuration.

Buying a Lexus on eBay

The listings for different vehicles is updated on a daily basis on eBay, so prospective buyers should have no trouble finding the Lexus vehicles they are looking for. If you are ready to take a look at the listings on eBay, go to the site’s homepage and type " Lexus" into the search box. Once the search results load, you can filter the listings by model year, model, mileage, price, and a number of other criteria. Because the site sells used vehicles, there may be additional models for sale that Lexus currently does not offer through its dealerships. In these cases, prospective buyers on eBay should take the time to read the list of specifications so they know which features are included with the vehicles listed. The information provided should help shoppers ascertain the condition, mileage, and price of each vehicle. Buyers should also review all the photos attached to the listings.

Shoppers should feel free to contact the sellers to ask additional questions and even arrange for a test drive. One may also want to consider having the vehicle inspected by a mechanic to ensure that the engine is sound, before going ahead with the purchase on eBay.


Lexus vehicles are coveted because of their feature-rich models and the performance and luxury they provide. Even those on smaller budgets can afford a Lexus by looking for used vehicles on eBay. To get a good deal, a prospective buyer should review all of the Lexus models and their features to determine which models to consider. One should also determine the budget for the vehicle in order to have a realistic idea about the extra features that can be afforded. The good news is that even some of the base Lexus models offer more standard features than can be found in other brands. Features that one can look for in a Lexus include hybrid models, alloy wheels, leather heated seats, and Bluetooth connectivity, among other choices.

When purchasing for a Lexus on eBay, it is important to read the listing information and review the photographs available. With a purchase that involves a large investment, such as in the case of a new or used Lexus, one must take the time to find the right car and work with the right seller on eBay.

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