How to Choose the Right Fishing Lures

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How to Choose the Right Fishing Lures

Fishing lures are essential to all types of anglers. There are several factors that you must take into consideration when choosing the right fishing lures. Using the wrong lures impacts your performance and makes the chance of a successful fishing trip very unlikely. Knowing how to choose the right fishing lures and equipment ensures you have the best possible chance of landing that catch of a lifetime, and helps you to optimise your performance.


Consider the Season

Consider the season during which you plan to use your fishing lures. The seasonal climate impacts where in a body of water fish are most likely to swim, including how close to the surface of the water and how close to the shore. This, in turn, has a significant impact on which type of lure is most efficient. In colder weather, smaller lures are usually more successful at baiting fish out of the water. Because fish tend to swim deeper in colder water, you require the vertical water agitation that accompanies the use of smaller lures. During colder weather, less light penetrates the water, therefore, for more success; you should always use brightly coloured lures, as fish struggle to see darker colours in low light. Because fish are sluggish when water temperature drops and do not want to expend much energy to feed, they will not chase fast-moving lures, so choose slower models with minimal surface movement. When fish are more active, during the warmer months, use lures which mimic the fast, natural movement of insects and prey. Worm lures are popular for use during the summer, as fish greedily chase worms.


Consider the Type of Fish

Consider the type of fish you wish to catch, as this has a dramatic impact on the type of lures you use. While some fishermen and women like to experiment and use a variety of lures, others have a specific type of fish they wish to catch. Do your research and choose lures known to attract specific fish, or those that most closely mimic the appearance and the movement of the favoured food of the fish species you wish to catch. For example, when salmon fishing, use salmon lures or use pike lures for attracting pike. Surface lures are a great option for this, as they mimic bait fish or insects skimming across the surface of the water. These are most often ideal for pelagic fish, which are middle-level swimmers that sit just off the shore.


Consider the Fishing Area

The area you wish to fish in is a vital consideration when choosing your type of lures. When casting in weedy or grassy bottoms, use single fishing hooks with small lures, as these are less likely to catch in the weeds. For deep water, choose weighted lures which penetrate deeply beneath the surface. For shallow water, use jig or troll lures that skim the surface of the water.

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