How to Choose the Right Handheld Game Console

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How to Choose the Right Handheld Game Console

A handheld game console gives you the ability to play your favourite console games wherever you are, whether you are on the move, or someone else is watching the TV. These consoles are fun, engaging, and convenient. Understanding some of the most popular handheld consoles allows you to choose which one best suits the needs of you or your child.


Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is one of the most popular handheld consoles of its generation. With a 2011 release, the offering from Nintendo is the first handheld console to make use of 3D technology, with a stereoscopic 3D display, providing 3D effects without the necessity of 3D glasses. The 3D display allows players to easily see the position of characters and objects with greater accuracy. This console features a 3D slider, allowing you to increase or reduce the 3D intensity, or turn it off altogether, to get a much clearer image for non-3D games. The Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible with other Nintendo DS and DSi games, making it a versatile handheld console choice. The two outward-facing lenses allow you to capture 3D photographs which you can upload to your computer, share via social media, if you connect your 3DS to the internet, or use to make a Mii character. The inbuilt motion sensor and gyro sensor make the console very responsive for compatible games that use motion detection technology.


Sony PlayStation Vita

With a release in 2012 across Europe, the Sony PlayStation Vita is Sony's most popular handheld gaming offering. This immersive console features Sony's iconic dual analogue stick technology, allowing for easy precision gaming control. The integrated motion technology enables you to immerse yourself in the gaming experience as you tilt, twist, and slide the console to steer, move, and dodge in games. It also features a 130 mm touchscreen which you can operate with your fingers or a stylus. The rear touch pad makes this handheld console even more innovative and immersive, allowing you to complete a range of 3D motions.



A contemporary handheld gaming console released in 2013, the NVIDIA Shield is allows you to download games to your console directly from your NVIDIA desktop, using the Jellybean operating system. This enables you to play Android games and provides access to the Google Play store. This handheld game console allows you to stream games live from a PC equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or higher video card. It features a 130 mm flip-up screen attached to a dual-shock controller, similar in appearance to an Xbox 360 controller, including a directional pad and two analogue control sticks. The high-fidelity speakers provide an engaging audio experience.

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