How to Choose the Right Necklace for Different Necklines

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How to Choose the Right Necklace for Different Necklines

Choosing the right necklace for a specific neckline is important when aiming for a stylish look. The right necklace with the right outfit can enhance the overall appearance of the wearer. There are many different necklace lengths to choose from, including short chokers to long opera necklaces. The style of the necklace is also important, along with how and where it is positioned on the body. Some necklines, such as the crew neck and the polo neck, can be worn successfully with almost any necklace of any length or style provided the colours or patterns of the necklace are not lost and do not clash with the colour of the outfit. Other necklines require a little bit more thought and are more restrictive when it comes to the choice of necklace.

When choosing the right necklace for different necklines it is helpful to understand the types of necklaces and their lengths, the types of neckline, and the factors that should be considered in order to make the right decision. Necklaces of varying lengths can be found at most jewellers and high street fashion retailers. For a wider choice, buyers can find both fine and costume jewellery necklaces on eBay.

Types of Necklace

Necklaces are available in a wide variety of lengths. The length, construction, and types of pendant used for the necklace should be considered when pairing it with an outfit. Buyers should consider the overall look of the ensemble to ensure that the necklace matches the outfit and enhances their appearance. For example, if the necklace is too long and has a delicate pendant, it may become lost on high necked tops that have busy patterns.

The table below shows the most common necklaces with their lengths and their position when worn. Using this table helps buyers to visualise how the necklace that they wish to purchase is likely to fit.

Name of Necklace

Length of Necklace (cm)

Necklace Position


35 - 40

High above the collarbone



On the collarbone


50 - 60

Rests near cleavage



On or below the bust

The length of the necklace is important when buying an item to match a specific neckline. Understanding the different lengths of necklace and their general position when worn helps buyers to select the most appropriate necklace for their neckline.

Necklaces for Different Necklines

For a balanced appearance, the buyer should consider the neckline of the outfit when choosing a necklace. Not all necklaces work with all necklines. Necklines include plunging, sweetheart, V-neck, round, scooped, crew and polo neck. Some necklines are very versatile, so almost any necklace works well with them, while others suit only one or two specific styles.

Necklaces for a Plunging Neckline

A plunging neckline exposes much of the neck, chest, and cleavage. Some choose to wear a longer, delicate chain with a solitaire pendant. This option enhances the appearance of the plunge neckline, emphasising the bust and bare flesh. It also helps to elongate the appearance of the neck. Alternatively, if the wearer does not want to draw more attention to the bust area, a common item to wear is a reasonably long necklace made of chunky beads. The large beads take the focus away from the bare flesh, while still elongating the appearance of the neck. Another option is a long rope necklace, twisted into several loops that sit neatly on the chest. This covers the area and adds texture to the overall look.

Necklaces for a Sweetheart Neckline

When wearing a sweetheart neckline, buyers need to create a well balanced appearance to even out the effect of the wide neckline. Necklaces made of large, worked metal links that sit flat against the chest and encircle the neck work very well as do necklaces that have an angular appearance, mimicking the neckline. These both create a balanced effect and distract the eye from the width of the neckline.

Necklaces for a V-Neck

To achieve a well crafted appearance, buyers can choose a necklace that mirrors the shape of the V-neck. A chain of moderate length with a solitaire pendant, or one with an angular ornament hanging from the chain lengthens the appearance of the neck, and creates a flattering effect.

Necklaces for Round and Scoop Necklines

Round and scoop necklines suit both large necklaces made of chunky beads and small necklaces made of delicate links. Ideally, the necklace should fit inside the open neckline and mirror its shape. So, rather than a long pendant, a short choker or princess necklace works well, if it sits in a rounded position rather than a drop V-shape.

Necklaces for Crew Necks and Polo Necks

Crew necks and polo necks are versatile and work well with a range of necklaces. Broad, bold chokers are popular for this neckline, worn close to the neck with large beads or metal work. Longer necklaces work equally well, including delicate solitaire pendants and statement pieces.

Necklaces for Collared Shirts

Shorter chokers and delicate chains can be tucked beneath a collar of a shirt for a slight twist. Large, bold beads can overwhelm a collared shirt, but longer necklaces on a plain chain work very well.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Necklace for Different Necklines

When choosing a necklace the neckline is a very important factor to consider, as is the style of the necklace and the length of the wearer's neck. All of these elements need to be considered for a truly balanced look.

Matching the Necklace to an Outfit

Once the style of the necklace has been chosen to fit the neckline of the outfit, further consideration needs to be given to the colour, construction, and size of the necklace. If the style of the neckline dictates that a long, hanging chain be worn, but the top is plain, then a delicate chain and a solitary stone or pendant can create an appearance of simple elegance. However, this necklace would be lost on a busy, heavily patterned top. In this case, a large but plain beaded necklace of the same length stands out better. A dark outfit is often enhanced by the addition of a bright, bold necklace.

Length of the Wearer's Neck

The length of the wearer's neck is important. Using a necklace in conjunction with other appropriate accessories can easily elongate or shorten the appearance of the neck of the wearer, to create a pleasing balance. If wearers needs some extra length to create an elegant swan like appearance, then they should choose a longer necklace, especially one with a hanging pendant that pulls the necklace in a V-shape. The long, tapered effect draws the eye of the observer and creates the illusion of a longer, sleeker neck. Wearer's with long necks who wish to shorten or mask the length can choose chokers with large beads and necklaces of a shorter length. These work well to break up the expanse between the chin and the neckline of the outfit.

How to Buy Necklaces on eBay

When buying necklaces on eBay, buyers can perform a simple search from the eBay homepage by entering a key phrase such as "crystal pendant necklace", or they can navigate to the appropriate category. The more detailed the search information, the fewer and the more accurate the search results. Buyers can include colour, metal, stone, style, or desired necklace length in their criteria, and can further refine the search by setting the price or condition.

Once the buyer has identified the necklace that they would like to buy they are encouraged to check the feedback of their chosen seller. Feedback indicates the reputation of a seller within the eBay community. It is a summary of information left by previous buyers. These buyers leave comments regarding the quality of the product, the level of service and communication, and the speed of dispatch. Buyers are encouraged to contact sellers if they have any questions about the necklace or the buying process. This can be done by using the "Ask a question" feature.


The right necklace can enhance an outfit, flatter the wearer, and either elongate or shorten the appearance of the neck, so it is essential to choose wisely by selecting a necklace that suits the neckline. The choice of colour and style should match the overall outfit, not just the neckline. Some necklines, such as V-necks and plunging necklines, have a limited range of necklace lengths and styles that balance the look of the outfit and show it in the best light. Others necklines, such as crew necks and polo necks, are much more versatile. Both the length and the shape of the necklace, as well as how it hangs are all equally important factors to consider. With some research and a little bit of experimenting, the right necklace can be chosen to enhance an outfit, helping to create a truly stunning ensemble. A full range of necklaces to flatter different necklines, from short chokers to long opera necklaces, can be found on eBay.

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