How to Choose the Right Shade of Concealer & Contouring Kits

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Choosing the Correct Shade of Concealer and Contouring Kits

Choosing the right shade of foundation, concealer or contouring kits could be a difficult task. One of the most common mistakes in concealing and contouring is wrong choice of color which ends in unnatural results. 
There are two main factors to take in consideration when choosing a concealer or a contouring product. The first and most important is NEVER go more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural skin tone. Another important factor is to always choose a shade that has the same undertone of your natural skin color. If you have more of a warm skin tone, choose a concealer that has more of a warm tone to it (ex, orange or yellow). If your skin tone is more on the cool side, stay away from warm shades as they would only end up looking blotchy and unnatural. For cool undertones, choose a concealer that has a cool undertone to it (ex, pink or cool beige) to blend naturally with your skin. As an example, I will mention NYX Wonder Stick Shades; for warm skin tones, depending on the shade of your skin, go for either Deep or Universal. While cool undertones could go for either Light/Medium or Medium/ Tan. Last note on creating a perfect finish while contouring or concealing; BLEND BLEND BLEND!! and blending does not mean wiping the product off with a sweeping motion. A gentle tapping motion would always give you the best results. HAPPY CONTOURING :) 
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