How to Choose the Right Short Trip for You

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How to Choose the Right Short Trip for You

Choosing the perfect short trip can seem a logistical nightmare at first glance, but with a little thought and judicious planning, a short trip can be extremely enjoyable, and can give you a real lift, whatever time of year it is taken. Researching and finding which is the right short trip, can only improve your chances of finding the ultimate one, often tailored to your exact specification.

Traditionally, short trips are taken at the weekend, but with modern lifestyles and changing working habits, more and more lucky people are finding that they can just "take off" midweek. Some, however, leave on a Friday afternoon for a long weekend, not being required back in the office until the next Tuesday morning. This gives nearly a four-day break, and if you are lucky enough to be one of these people, you are much more likely to return brighter and fresher than when you left.

Taking International City Trips

With the rise in low-cost airlines offering inexpensive deals, often from local airports, taking a short trip abroad is no longer seen as something to be done just by the well off. Increasingly, tour operators are able to offer very reasonable deals to major European capitals, staying at decent hotels for not much more than you would expect to pay for a stay in an British hotel.

As long as you can make your own way to the airport, either by train or car, all your travel is taken care of in the package you choose. Destinations such as Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, and of course, Paris are becoming very popular with the "short-haul" traveller. Many people report returning refreshed and enlightened with a little "foreign culture" for just a few days.

Deciding on City Trips Within Britain

If you are not wanting to get on a plane or ferry, and do not want the trouble and expense of changing currencies, then Britain has some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Cities and towns of major historical and cultural interest are literally on your doorstep, and purchasing a guidebook to any of these cities reveals highlights and details that you might well have missed.

Short Trips to London

As the capital city, London has more sites of historical and cultural significance than almost any other city in Britain. You can treat yourself to a London show at one of the many theatres, or you can book for a couple of nights in a quiet hotel, and armed with a guide, merely wander around the city. Whether it is catching "Les Miserables", or seeing for yourself the Tower of London, a tour around the Houses of Parliament, or visits to some of the national museums and art galleries, London has much to offer the short tripper.

Other City Breaks

Of course, there is much more to Britain than just London. Places like Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare, York, with its towering minster, or even Oxford, the home of world-renowned academia, there is much to see and do outside of the capital. Some cities, made famous by television series, offer guided tours of the famous places that the characters have visited in these series, and they offer informative guides to show hidden gems that may otherwise have been missed.

U.K. City

Possible Attractions to Visit


London Eye

Houses of Parliament

Madam Tussauds

British Museum

National Gallery


National Museum of Scotland

Royal Yacht Britannia

Edinburgh Dungeon

Edinburgh Zoo


Jorvik Viking Centre

York Dungeon

York Minster

York Castle and Museum


Royal Shakespeare Theatre

River Avon Trail

Anne Hathaway's Cottage and Gardens

Shakespeare's House and Gardens

This short table is not exhaustive, but merely a guide to just what is available in these towns and cities for you to decide on. A little research before you plan your trip is well worth the effort, and you are sure to unearth some gems worth visiting.

Going on Short Trips in Luxury

Many of the top hotels, both within London, but also in the British countryside, offer short breaks of two or three days, and these breaks are designed with one purpose in mind: luxury. Spa weekends are becoming increasingly popular, and whereas in the past these were exclusively for women, many hotels offer a "his and hers" short break, where you two are totally pampered. Therapies such as massage, hot stone treatments, facials, and even full makeovers are available.

While staying for a few days or even a week in such luxurious surroundings may well cost a lot of money, midweek short breaks can be surprisingly cost effective. A little luxury need not break the bank, and you can go back to work feeling totally refreshed and relaxed.

Thinking About Other Activities for Short Trips

If total pampering is not to your taste, then you can think about trying one of the many other activity-themed short breaks. You need not be an expert in any of them, and if you do choose such a trip, you are likely to find many other people just like yourself who are there for the first time.

Short Walking Holidays

There are many country hotels that offer one, two, or even three-night breaks where a walking guide directs you around structured walks, pointing out details, features, and stories you would otherwise miss if you were on your own. Short walking holidays are a great way to meet new friends, who just like you, are there for the first time, and have not really properly walked in the past.

Of course, no day of walking is complete without a hearty meal and a few drinks with new friends. Many of these hotels offer half-board, with a full English breakfast and pack lunchtime sandwiches for the whole group, so aside from the cup of tea or coffee, all your meals are taken care of.

Short Golfing Trips

If you are a golfer, no matter what your handicap, the larger golf clubhouses now offer either midweek or long weekend golfing holidays to suit every pocket. As well as playing rounds of golf, you can take lessons from golfing professionals. So whether it is your putting that is not up to scratch, or you need help with your drive, a short golfing break could be just the ticket.

Short Cycling Trips

With the incredible success of the Great Britain Olympic Cycling Team in 2012, there are several companies that offer short cycling trips. Many would-be cyclists fear the hill climbs that every professional cyclist has to overcome, but many companies offer trips for people who have not ridden a bicycle for years, but having seen the new Olympic stars in action, are keen to give it a try. These cycling trips are not at all arduous, and rather than having to be bent over the handlebars to offer the least wind resistance, these cycling trips are leisurely and gently paced.

Short Spiritual Retreats

There are now country houses and out-of-the-way places that offer short courses in meditation, yoga, reiki, and other holistic or alternative therapies. While some people may avoid these kinds of things at all costs, others have found that just a couple of days of focussed meditation and relaxation helps them achieve a more balanced life when back faced with the daily turmoil and grind of modern day-to-day living. There are many guides available to enable you to find the perfect place.

Short Religious Retreats

There are religions that offer two or three-night stays, often in a secluded environment, for those who wish to reconnect with their spiritual side. Many people, especially weary of the daily grind find that a few days away from it all, in the company of like-minded others means they can return to work and 21st century life, reinvigorated and refreshed, with their faith boosted and resolved.

Choosing the Right Short Trip with eBay

eBay has hundreds of short trips that are only a few mouse clicks away. From European city breaks to pampering weekend retreats and weekends in the woods, there is something on offer to suit every taste and budget.

Before going to eBay, you must decide just what kind of short trip you wish to take, then take plenty of time to look around to see just what is on offer. Many happy customers have found the ideal retreat, well off the beaten track of their usual eBay habits, just by spending a few extra minutes looking at what is on offer.

When you have decided where you want to go, and how much you are willing to pay, then you must decide on just when you want to go. This may be already decided by the school holidays if you have children, and prices tend to rise during these busy times, but if you are lucky enough to be able to go off-season and midweek, then there are certainly great bargains to be had by looking around and comparing prices on eBay.


With the advent of more flexible working arrangements such as flexitime and long weekends, or even a couple of days off midweek, those looking for a short trip can be assured of the best bargains if they are willing to travel at seemingly odd times and on odd days of the week. Whether it is for a European city break or a break within Britain, there are always hundreds on offer.

Many holiday companies are seeing that the weekends or the holidays over summer when the schools are out are not the only times they can be sure of filling all their available places. Many forward-thinking companies are now able to offer great deals to travellers who are wanting time away that is outside these peak times. With a little searching and careful planning, the buyer of a short trip is sure to unearth some real bargains, whether it is a short cycling break or a trip in a few days of total luxury.

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