How to Choose the Right Tyres for Your Truck

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How to Choose the Right Tyres for Your Truck

Choosing the right truck tyres can be a challenge. Tyre choice affects the speed and handling of the truck, as well as the comfort of the ride for the passengers. A poor tyre choice can mean less traction when it is needed, which can be detrimental in some driving conditions.

For safety and performance reasons, it is very important that the tyres fit properly and are well suited for the type of conditions that the truck encounters most often. That means that the right tyres for the truck are specific to the type of environment, whether wet or dry, hot or cold. It is also specific to the way the truck owner uses the truck and the types of terrain most often driven on. In order to choose the right set of tyres for your truck, first determine the proper tyre size, then determine the type and grade that is right for you and your budget.

Choosing the Truck Tyre Size

The first step in choosing the right tyres for your truck is determining the size it requires. This information can typically be found in three places: on the tyres themselves, on a sticker inside the door of the truck, and in the car's owner's manual. For the best performance and safety, as well as to avoid purchasing tyres they cannot be used on the vehicle, be sure to stick with these manufacturer's recommendations.

What to Look for When Choosing Truck Tyres

For many truck owners, one of the most important features they are interested in when choosing tyres is how they will affect the smoothness of the ride. Another one is how they affect performance. When choosing tyres, consider these three areas in order to evaluate which ones are right for you and your truck:

  • Performance: A tyres performance is determined by how well it grips the road, especially at high speeds, while cornering, and under adverse conditions.
  • Smoothness of Ride: The design of the tyre tread can create significant vibration and road noise. The tyre can also be designed to minimise these. Because the tread design is also important for traction and performance, the smoothness of the ride differs greatly among tyres.
  • Safety: A tyres ability to stop quickly, at high speeds as well as at normal commuting speeds, affects its safety rating. Also, the safety of a tyre is determined by how well it grips corners and performs in adverse conditions such as water over the roadway.
  • The design of truck tyres vary in these areas. Those designed mainly for traction, which typically increases safety and performance, or for off road use often do not provide as smooth and quiet of a ride for the passengers. In fact, they may even create a considerable amount of road noise and vibration. Truck owners should carefully consider which of these factors are most important for the type of driving they do and the degree of importance to place on those factors.

Types of Truck Tyre

There are several different types of truck tyres and each are specifically designed to enhance the tyre's performance in different ways. While there are specialty tyres, such as off-road and racing ones, the majority of consumers choose those that fall under three main tyre type categories: all season, high performance, and all terrain. The best tyre type for the truck is the one that fits the conditions the truck is most often driven under.

All Season Truck Tyres

Designed to handle all road conditions throughout the year, all season tyres allow the vehicle owner the freedom of not having to worry about the tyres when the season change. These tyres handle heat, wet surface, and even slick winter conditions with adequate traction. They typically wear well, and consumers report a comfortable ride. These advantages are great, but this tyre design does sacrifice some in handling and traction in order to achieve them. Overall, though, these are a good option for most daily commuters.

High Performance Truck Tyres

High performance tyres may not do as well in all weather conditions as all season ones do, but their design enhances handling and cornering capabilities. These tyres may have a larger price tag and a slightly shorter lifespan than all season tyres, but they provide the traction and stability to ensure safety at higher speeds. However, the speeds these tyres are typically designed for are not a concern for many daily commuters, so the consumer should weigh the higher cost against their personal need for high performance.

All Terrain Truck Tyres

All terrain tyres are designed to go from motorway to rugged roads without issue. These are different from specific off-road tyres, which are designed to perform best off the main roads. These have big and bulky treads to provide traction in the most extreme conditions. This large tread design can negatively affect the trucks ability to grip the pavement, the smoothness of the ride, and it can also make the vehicle very loud. Before choosing this type of tyre, be sure to consider how often the truck is driven on rugged terrain making the choice a beneficial one.

The Different Truck Tyre Grades

Tyre grade affects price, quality, mileage, and traction, among other things. These are all interrelated, meaning that a tyre that boasts higher mileage will likely have a higher price but also better traction and higher quality construction. There are three main grades of tyres available, entry-level, midgrade, and premium.

Entry Level Truck Tyres

Entry-level tyres are typically less expensive than other grade levels. The materials used in their construction are not considered high quality, although they do meet certain standards. Their design is efficient, but not elaborate. These economy tyres are a good choice for the budget conscious consumer.

Premium Truck Tyres

Manufacturers construct premium tyres from quality material and design them to perform very well for the type of driving conditions they are intended for. The consumer can expect higher mileage from these tyres than from the lower grade tyres, and the traction and handling are superb. Premium tyres do cost considerably more than those designed for the budget conscious consumer, but the higher cost translates to higher safety, improved handling, and better mileage.

Mid-Grade Truck Tyres

The quality of design and materials used for mid-grade tyres falls in between those of entry-level and premium tyres. These tyres typically rate higher in all areas than the majority of entry-level ones do, so the consumer can expect better handling, increased mileage, and improved performance overall. They do cost more than entry-level tyres, but the payoff is generally worth the extra cost over the life of the tyre, and they are not as expensive as premium tyres.

Evaluating Truck Tyres

In general, it is very difficult to tell how a specific tyre is going to perform just by looking at it. That is why it is important to pay attention to what experts have to say and to give special consideration to the reviews of certain tyres that may be posted by other consumers or by expert reviewers. Because a tyre can look great but perform poorly, always seek information about how other people have experienced the tyres performance. In particular, look for reviews that highlight how the tyre handled the types of driving conditions that you are most likely to find yourself in. This little bit of research done before the purchase makes choosing the right tyres a much easier process.

Buying Truck Tyres on eBay

The consumer has a number of different places to choose from when purchasing a set of truck tyres. Tyre stores generally have several on display that are meant specifically for trucks and many auto parts stores also sell them. However, much of the necessary research that the consumer must do before choosing a set of tyres is easiest to do online and so is purchasing them.

Online venues, such as eBay, are known for offering the consumer a broad selection and a great value overall. When purchasing tyres from eBay, be sure to determine their condition, whether new or used. Many experts recommend against purchasing used tyres because it is difficult to determine the condition the tyres are in. Used tyres do, however, often offer the opportunity for an even better bargain. The consumer who is considering them should keep in mind that used tyres may not perform as well as expected or last as long as new ones, regardless of the type or grade of the tyre.


The tyres that a truck owner chooses have a significant effect on how the truck handles, brakes, and feels in every type of road or weather condition. It can be difficult to choose the right ones for the truck. The most important factors to consider are how the tyre performs, how smooth the ride it provides is, and the safety standards the consumer can expect the tyre to meet. Many experts advise that the consumer should pay close attention to the reviews that a tyre receives when considering it.

When choosing a set of truck tyres, it is important to choose the right size for the truck. The consumer must also choose the type of tyre that best suits the type of driving the truck is most commonly used for as well as the weather conditions and terrain. The grade of tyre affects its quality, performance, and value. Keep all of these factors in mind when purchasing your next set of truck tyres.

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