How to Clean Neglected Murano Glass

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How to Clean Neglected Murano Glass

Murano glass is among the most beautiful high-quality glass in the world. However, like all glass figurines, vases, beads, and jewellery, Murano glass gets grimy and cloudy if neglected for a long period of time. Knowing some tricks to tackle heavy grime and mineral build-up is the key to restoring these Italian glass pieces to their original, colourful, sparkling state.


Basic Washing Methods for Murano Glass

Basic washing consists of using lukewarm water, a mild washing up liquid, and soft microfibre cloths to wipe the glass clean. In areas with hard water, use distilled water. Avoid abrasive agents like scouring pads or baking powder because these leave tiny scratches on the glass surface and make it dull over time. Basic washing is more than enough for most Murano glass bowls, which are low maintenance. However, items like Murano glass vases and figures, which may be left alone for months or years, collect grime or mineral deposits in hard-to-reach areas, making them more difficult to clean.


Remedies for Dull or Cloudy Murano Glass

Cloudy glass is often a result of mineral deposits left by hard water. Simply rinse the glass with vinegar to dissolve alkaline substances like mineral salt deposits. Leave it to soak a little for stubborn stains. Vinegar does not harm the glass in any way and leaves no odour once it washes off with distilled water. For tougher stains, resort to stronger cleaning products. However, use these very sparingly and wash them off soon after application. Some cleaning products that might work include tile cleaner, limescale remover, and denture cleaning products. To use denture cleaning tablets, put one in a container with water and submerge the Murano glass piece.


Murano Glass Cleaners for Grime

Toilet bowl cleaners help remove heavy grime because they break down organic materials without any abrasive action. For caked-on grime, let the glass soak in a mild washing up liquid. Do not use very hot water since glass can shatter with sudden exposure to extreme temperatures. Lastly, placing uncooked rice in a Murano glass vase or goblet and swishing it around dislodges dirt without damaging the glass.


Stain Removal for Murano Glass

Stains are fairly rare on glass, but owners may come across a piece with permanent marker stains, or rust stains from contact with a rusted metal object. Permanent marker is, fortunately, not so permanent on glass. Use a cotton wool ball with acetone or a nail varnish remover with acetone to wipe off the stain completely. As for rust, apply lemon juice and add salt to it. Leave it to soak in and then wipe or rinse off. Repeat as necessary.

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