How to Clean Pandora Silver Charms etc.

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Warm soapy water is the preferred method of cleaning Pandora Charms, Bracelets, Necklaces etc.
Firstly take all the charms off the bracelet or necklace and place it all in quite warm soapy water, mild soap will do fine, leave to soak for a while, you can then use a small soft brush to get into all the crannies and get the build up dirt out, rinse and place on a soft cotton towel, pad dry and leave to dry completely.
If after the soapy water cleaning you like it to shine a bit more, use a Silver cloth but don't rub it too much or it will loose the "Look", don't rub the coloured or oxidised parts. A good silver cloth impregnates the silver so it stays shiny for longer. Silver do tend to discolour a bit with air & skin contact, only natural so don't worry if it's a little to shiny when just cleaned it will soon tone a little when wearing it.
Most charms etc. can be brought back to former glory with a little care and time spent on it.

Warning: Never Dip it in Silver or Jewellery cleaner, it will make it bright and the "Look" will be lost forever.
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