How to Clean Silver Jewellery

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Q: Will Sterling Silver jewellery tarnish? If it does, how do I clean it?

A: As all pieces from our collection are brand new and sealed, they will tarnish quicker during their first few days out in the open. As the Silver becomes more settled to the environment, it will over time become less prone to tarnishing. Wearing your item on a daily basis will also reduce tarnish as it is moving about.

Here are a few ways to clean your Silver Nomad Jewellery.

1. To brighten your jewellery everyday, use a Silver polishing cloth found in most household supply stores.

2. A tarnish guard is fully recommended for protecting your item.

3. A simple Silver polish applied to a dry lint free cloth is also ideal when cleaning plain items such as my contemporary cuffs. Simply apply a layer of polish and leave it for to dry for around 1 minute.  Then remove the polish with a clean dry cloth.  However, this is not recommended for detailed items (filigree, granulation or oxidised work), as it can clog between the workmanship. So, in this instance a Silver polishing cloth is the perfect choice.

4. Store in a velvet lined jewellery box when you are not wearing it.

5. Pearls can be kept in a box but occasionally bring them out and moisten them with a damp cloth as they need to breath.  This will restore their lustre.

Q: How can I keep my Silver Nomad jewellery looking good?

A: Silver Nomad Jewellery is designed to give you years of wearing pleasure.

Here are some simple suggestions to keep your Silver Nomad jewellery looking like new.

1. Remove your jewellery before bathing and sleeping.

2. Remove your jewellery during periods of excessive heat, strenuous activities, exercise, swimming, work, washing dishes and household chores.

3. Avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes, hair sprays and dyes.

4. Store jewellery in an airtight zip-lock bag. These are supplied with most pieces from our new collection. Alternatively you can keep it in the organza pouch I place your item in.

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