How to Clean Sterling Silver

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  1. Lay out a clean towel to drip dry your items and open a window. Always have plenty of fresh air when using silver cleaning products.

  2. Wear a new pair of disposable surgical gloves each time. You'll be suprised how yellow they end up.

  3. Rinse out your items with hot water to remove any dust - you don't want to rub the dust and scratch your items.

  4. Use a specialised cleaner for silver - a foam cleaner for items you can wash. I like Hagerty foam best. If cleaning weighted items like candlesticks, make sure you don't soak the bottoms and damage the felt protectors. You can also find silver spray cleaning products for ornante items with deeper lines, or silver dip for cutlery.

  5. Gently rub your wet silver item using a soft sponge and the foam cleaner. Leave the foam for a minute while you clean another item.

  6. Rinse in hot water and check the tarnish has fully gone. If not repeat again.

  7. Rinse again and wash with hot soapy water.

  8. Final rinse in hot water. The hot water is important as it will maintain your silver clean for longer.

  9. Let your silver drip dry on a towel for a few minutes.

  10. Dry well using a soft cloth. I like to use a soft microfiber cloth for best results. The drying is actually more important than cleaning as this will maintain your silver clean for a longer time. Make sure you dry teapots and vases very well on the inside too.

  11. Wrap you silver items very well in clear cling film/foil if you're not going to display them. This will help keep them cleaner for a longer time, but make sure you don't miss any spots or you'll get a lot of tarnish there. The cling film will also keep them scratch free so you can stack bowls into each other. Your silver will be ready to display when needed.

  12. If you're cleaning silver for a party, make sure you do this the last few days since your displayed silver will easily tarnish especially in a well heated home. Keep your silver away from hot radiators.


Don't you just love clean and gleaming sterling silver?!!!

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