How to Clean Your Belly Button Jewellery

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How to Clean Your Belly Button Jewellery

Body piercings, such as a belly button piercing, are a popular way for some people to express themselves. There are countless options for different styles of belly button rings available. However, it is imperative that you learn how to sanitise your jewellery and have the proper supplies to prevent infection.


Before Cleaning

Before you begin cleaning your belly button jewellery or your piercing, the most important thing to do is wash your hands. This may seem trivial, but it is imperative. You should use hot water and liquid antibacterial disinfectant soap. Make sure you get all the dirt out from underneath your nails as well, so you do not spread bacteria and germs from your hands to your piercing.


Supplies You Need

There are some very inexpensive supplies you need to clean your body jewellery and piercing to prevent infection.




Used For


Clean the jewellery and the area of the piercing

Cleaning Solution

Cleans the pierced area

Distilled Water

Mixed with the sea salt to create a rinse

Sea Salt

Mixed with the distilled water to make a cleaning rinse

Cotton Balls

Used with the rinse to clean the area


All of these supplies are affordable and readily available to help keep your piercing and body jewellery clean.


Cleaning the Jewellery in Your Navel

For the first few months after you get your piercing, the jewellery must stay in your navel. It is essential that you keep it clean to prevent infection. You should clean it at least once a day. First run warm water over the area, and use the Q-tips to remove any crust or debris from around the area. Very gently move and turn the jewellery to loosen any other crust or build-up that has attached to the ring. Then apply a generous amount of the cleaning solution. Again move the jewellery around to ensure it all gets clean. Allow this to sit for a few minutes. Rinse away the solution with warm water, and use a paper towel to pat the area dry.


Cleaning New Belly Button Jewellery

Once your navel has healed, you may want to change your jewellery and put in a new piece. Before putting it in, you should always be sure that you clean and sterilise it to prevent infection. This is quick and simple. Place a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a small clean cup. As always, make sure that your hands are clean. Place the piece of jewellery into the cup and swish it around for a few minutes. Drain the alcohol, rinse with warm water, and dry the jewellery with a clean paper towel.

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