How to Clean Your Jade Jewellery

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How to Clean Your Jade Jewellery

Jade jewellery is beautiful and has a delicate appearance. Although jade is a fairly strong stone, it is typically cut into small pieces, which are somewhat fragile. Following the correct steps for cleaning jade jewellery keeps it in good condition and ensures that it always looks its best.


Preparing an Area for Cleaning Jade Jewellery

Start by preparing a clean, dry surface. Select a table or worktop that is even and smooth, and cover it with a soft clean towel. This ensures that the jade jewellery is not damaged by contact with a rough surface and that the cleaning fluid does not damage the work area.


Mixing a Cleaning Solution for Jade Jewellery

There are many commercial jewellery cleaning solutions available, but many of them are too harsh for jade. If the jewellery is in good condition with only light, surface dirt, a simple mixture of soap and water is usually sufficient. Mix two to three drops of mild soap or liquid detergent in a small bowl of warm water until they are completely dissolved. For jade that has heavy grime or mineral deposits, mix a stronger solution using eight parts water, one part soap, and one part ammonia. Ammonia has a harsh smell, so mix the solution in a disposable cup in a well-ventilated area.


Cleaning Jade Jewellery

Dip one corner of a soft towel or microfibre cloth into the cleaning solution and rub it across the jade jewellery gently. Use small, circular motions and avoid pressing hard on jade or scrubbing at it, which could scratch the stone. When the dirt is removed completely, dip a clean corner of the cloth into clean water and rub it lightly across the surface to remove any remaining detergent. Avoid submerging the jewellery completely because too much water exposure could cause damage.


Drying and Polishing Jade Jewellery

Use a completely dry towel or cloth and gently dab away any moisture that remains on the stone. Do not press hard or use a rough cloth. Once it is completely dry, rub a polishing cloth over the surface using a circular motion to restore the jade jewellery's natural shine.

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