How to Clean a Microwave quickly

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Microwave Cleaning

Do you want a natural safe and easy way to clean your microwave?
This is my secret to cutting through the grime and restoring my microwave back to its original state with approximately five minutes or elbow grease.
Use a tablespoon of white vinegar and fill a microwave safe glass bowl full/measuring jug of water.
Turn the microwave on for approx. 3 minutes this will allow steam to hit the walls of the microwave and soften any dried on food.
Once the 3 minutes are up, remove the bowl and wipe the interior of the microwave using kitchen roll or similar - this absorbs quickly and easily.
If I do not have white vinegar to hand I sometimes use lemon juice - this also leaves the microwave a clean fresh lemon smell - I've even just put the lemon into a cup of water once used for cooking and then microwaved just to freshen the smell of the microwave.
Both Methods easily cut through grease!!
So the next time you think your microwave is looking a bit worse for ware try the above you'll be surprised how easy the grease and dirt is removed without the use of harsh industrial cleaning products.

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