How to Clean and Maintain your Patent Leather Handbag

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Cleaning and maintaining your patent leather handbag

Use a clean damp cloth to get rid if dust, dirt and most stains.

If the stain can't be removed with a damp cloth then it is advised to use a silicon based leather cleaner which will protect the shine while effectively removing the dirt.

Avoid getting any of the cleaner on the zippers and hardware of the handbag.

Let the purse dry naturally, indoors. Patent leather purses shouldn’t be dried out in the sun or on artificial heat sources such as radiators. The excessive heat can breakdown the molecules in the acrylic finish, causing fading of colour and the gradual deterioration of the protective patent.

Use the dust bag provided as this will help to protect your bag when you are not using it. DO NOT store your leather handbag in a plastic bag as this will encourage the growth of mildew and mold!

If you have ANY doubts as to cleaning your leather handbag or purse and are worried about damaging it, don't hesitate to take it to a professional cleaning service who specialize in cleaning leather.

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