How to Cover a Chaise Longue

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How to Cover a Chaise Longue

The chaise longue, a French term for "long chair", dates centuries back as far as Greek gods and Egyptian nobility. This piece of furniture has been used in a large number of civilisations throughout history as beds, dining chairs, and even lawn furniture. In the 16th century, the chaise longue was a place for women to rest during the day. The chaise longue arrived in the United States in the 1930s. Chaise longues are typically long with enough room for a person to rest upon it since it is a combination of a daybed and a chair. Some of them have two arms that are angled while most others have only one arm which acts as a backrest to lean against.

Covering or reupholstering a chaise longue can extend the life of the furniture. When doing so, one should take into consideration factors such as the style of the chaise longue and the type of chaise longue cover that is ideal for a style. Chaise longues and covers for this item of furniture can be found at local furniture stores. However, one may find a more comprehensive selection and unique choices online at eBay.

Styles of Chaise Longues

Chaise longues come in a few different styles, and the choice of a specific style depends on the use that the chaise longue is intended for. Indoor chaise longues can be found in various fabrics ranging from leather to microsuede. Traditional styles of indoor chaise longues offer more room for occupants to rest on and are typically found in bedrooms or living rooms. An outdoor chaise longue, on the other hand, is not typically made of material that can absorb liquids. Determining the right chaise longue for one’s needs can be a difficult task. An individual not only needs to find the right chaise longue that is aesthetically appealing, but he or she also needs to consider whether the longue can fit in the desired location. Room decor is also a factor to consider as one needs to purchase a chaise longue that complements the existing decor.

Types of Chaise Longue Covers

Whether an individual is going on vacation, or protecting the furniture while adding colour, a chaise longue cover is a great way to keep furniture free of dust, debris, and water. Some chaise longues require specially designed covers for the relatively awkward dimensions this item of furniture has. To find the right cover for the job, one needs to know the measurements of the chaise longue and determine what purpose the cover is to serve.

Indoor Chaise Longue Slipcovers

Indoor slipcovers are a great way to keep the chaise longue from collecting anything from dust and dirt to pet hair or stains. Cloth covers are soft, comfortable, and come in a variety of patterns and colours. In addition, they also add durability and style. In place of a slipcover, individuals may also use throws or oversized blankets to protect and add style to a chaise longue. Microfibre blankets can provide a comfortable cover while slightly changing the appearance of the furniture without the expense. The following offers the main characteristics that are associated with different types of slipcover materials.

Type of Slipcover Material


Cotton Twill

Characterised by a diagonal weave and offered in a number of dyed colours. Cotton twill covers can be re-dyed, but a new dye can add to the colour already used, and this should be done cautiously.

Brushed Canvas

A heavy, durable, tightly-woven fabric made from cotton, hemp, jute, linen, or polyester. Conveys a casual look on furniture.


A durable and woven fabric that readily accepts dyes and is typically expensive. Can repel dirt.


Made from the tanned hide of some animals, leather can offer a richer, more elegant feel to furniture. Depending on how it is processed, leather may scratch or stain easily.

The preceding table discusses various slipcover fabric types. Knowing the options available can help individuals make an educated decision on what kind of fabric that prefer the slipcovers in.

Indoor Chaise Longue Protective Covers

Protective covers come in various plastic materials such as vinyl. Although these covers may be less comfortable to sit on, they repel water and stains entirely, unless the cover gets a hole or cut in it. Vinyl covers may have fewer colour options. These covers are great for families who have who may have to deal with stains caused by small children or pets.

Other Relevant Considerations in Covering a Chaise Longue

For individuals who have the ability to sew or craft, the option to make their own indoor chaise longue covers from scratch using materials of their choice could hold some attraction. If this is not an option, then one may consider that some chaise longue cushions are easily replaced or can be swapped to change the decor for an affordable price.

Reupholstering a Chaise Longue

If the upholstery is not living up to the quality it once had, individuals have the option of hiring a professional to reupholster the chaise longue. They may also reupholster the chaise longue themselves if they have the proper equipment and knowledge about the process. In either case, they can choose the fabrics and colours for reupholstering.

The choice of fabric is something to consider carefully as the decision is one that should last for as long as possible. An ideal fabric choice is one that is highly durable against wear and tear. Individuals may want to consider colours that can hold potential future stains as well, if the longue is in a location with high traffic or children and pets.

Considerations in Reupholstering a Chaise Longue

In order to reupholster the chaise longue without help from a professional, one must determine the measurements needed for the replacement cloth. This ensures that the appropriate amount of fabric is available for the task at hand. An advantage to reupholstering is that damaged framework as well as furniture stuffing materials can also be replaced during this process.

Before starting a reupholstering project, the old material needs to be removed. Use the old batting and foam to determine what type to get for the replacement. Upholstery foam, which is used in furniture that is covered by fabric, needs to be secured to the framework using an appropriate adhesive. On top of that, the batting needs to be adhered and then stapled directly to the frame. Once this is completed, the new fabric can be stapled securely in place. The finished chaise longue can be decorated with matching pillows or even a throw.

Using a Slipcover vs. Reupholstering a Chaise Longue

For an individual who is simply desiring a change in decor with the passage of seasons, a slipcover offers  an advantage that is cost effective. An existing slipcover is easily removed to make way for a new slipcover in a more appropriate design for the season.

On the other hand, reupholstering is a better option when the chaise longue has seen too many rips, tears, and stains to be repaired easily. It is also better to reupholster when the stuffing in a chaise longue becomes flat, lumpy, or dented so as to make it uncomfortable to sit upon.

Chaise Longue Cover Maintenance

To wash a cloth cover for a chaise longue, one should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as care varies with the type of fabric. Some fabrics may require hand-washing or may need to be washed in hot or cold water specifically. In some cases, a slipcover may shrink if washed in hot water or dried with heat, causing it to become disproportionate to the dimensions of the chaise longue so that it does not fit. Vinyl protective covers can be washed with a damp wash cloth and dried immediately with a dry cloth to avoid water spotting. Spot-cleaning with an appropriate upholstery cleaner is recommended for messes on upholstery. Some appliances, such as an upholstery vacuum cleaner, may be used to clean upholstery as well.

Buying Chaise Longues and Covers on eBay

Chaise longues and cushions as well as covers can be purchased at local retailers as well as online from various Internet merchants. An auction website such as eBay offers a wide range of listings in chaise longues and longue covers. An individual interested in purchasing a chaise longue or a cover and cushions through eBay may begin by entering either of these terms in the keyword search box on the website. Buyers can get closer to the items they want by sorting the search listings to eliminate products that do not meet the search criteria.

An important part of the buying process on eBay is to determine the quality of a seller. A top-rated seller on eBay is indicated by the badge that appears next to a listing. By dealing with one of eBay’s top-rated sellers, a potential buyer can feel more confident about the purchase experience on the website. A buyer can also determine a seller’s quality with the help of customer ratings in a seller’s profile. Customer feedback is left on a seller’s profile to help future buyers who are interested in purchasing items from the seller.


A cover for a chaise longue can play a role in dressing up this piece of furniture as well as extending its life. Reupholstering a used chaise longue is also an option in maintaining the looks of a chaise longue, and this may be done professionally or by the owner.

A cover for an indoor chaise longue can help protect it from spills and damage from everyday use so that it lasts longer. Covers work on new or used chaise longues, and they provide a revitalised look to a used piece. When an individual is looking to cover an indoor chaise longue, it helps to do research on the products that are available in the marketplace. This can help a potential buyer make an informed decision on the type of product to look for. When purchasing a chaise longue cover, one must know the dimensions of the chaise longue in order to make the right purchase. With its large number of sellers and products, a website such as eBay makes easy work of finding chaise longues, covers, and cushions from the comfort of one’s home.

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