How to Create Your Own Suspenders

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How to Create Your Own Suspenders

Suspenders are a popular and stylish way to hold trousers in place. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, and they go well with casual outfits and with suits. Suspenders are also fairly easy to make. With a little effort, you can create great looking suspenders from easy-to-find materials by learning a few tips.

Getting Supplies for Making Suspenders

You need a number of tools and supplies to make suspenders: a measuring tape, scissors and a sewing machine, or a needle and thread for hand stitching. The materials include an elastic band that is 2.5 to 3 cm wide and 3 metres long, and three suspender clips. Both elastic bands and suspender clips come in an assortment of patterns and colours.

Measuring for Suspenders

To make the suspenders the right size, you need to measure the person who will be wearing them. Start by holding one end of the measuring tape on the waistband of the person's trousers, in the middle of his or her back. From that point, take the measuring tape over the person's shoulder, and down to where the suspenders will attach to the front of the trousers. Record the measurement, and cut two pieces of elastic that length. Next, measure from the same starting spot on the waistband up to the middle of that person's back. Cut one piece of elastic this length.

Sewing Suspenders

The final step in creating a great looking pair of suspenders is to sew everything together. To do this, start with one long piece of elastic and one suspender clip. Loop the end of the elastic through the hole in the suspender clip and sew it together. It is a good idea to use more than one row of stitches to ensure that the seam is strong enough. Repeat this process with one end of the other long piece of elastic, as well as one end of the short piece of elastic. Finally, it is time to sew everything together. Take the ends of all three pieces of elastic that do not have the clips, and sew them together in a Y shape. The shortest piece of elastic will form the base of the Y. Without a sewing machine, you may need to use a fairly large needle in order to make it through all the layers of elastic.

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