How to Curl OR Crip Japanese Kanekalone Synthetic Hair

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Yes you can curl Synthetic Hair provided its Heat Resistant Synthetic hair.

Tressair Heat Resistant Clip in Hair Extensions

The best method is to use boiling water (see below) - if not want to do that (though you will get great curls) you can with tongs. You need to use medium heat (160C max) if your tongs do not have gage best to turn on then when about to curl turn off so heat reduces. What you need to do is spread the hair along the tongs so that all hair has heat ie. do not overlap as you twist space out across tongs...then when release hold in palm for 10 secs until hair cools then curl will remain.

For the non conventional method, using boiling water, the tools you'll need are simple and inexpensice - its quick and works really good:

The Tools You'll Need:

*Sponge Rolllers

Sponge Rollers

* A Large Towel

* Boiling Water

Thats IT! Regardless of weather you are curling CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS or wanting to add curls to WIG or PONYTAIL the tools are the same. The number and the size of your sponge rollers depends on the size and volume of curls you desire. More rollers, more volume. The smaller the rollers, the more spiral the curls.


TRESSAIR ponytails

Step 1: Part hair into small segments and roll with sponge rollers. Don't try to fit large chunks of hair onto the sponge rollers unless you want very large, loose curls. The less hair that is on the individual roller, the more bounce and precise the curl will be.

You can also achieve CRIPS by simply substituting STEP 1 (sponge rollers) with BRAIDING the hair. Braid the hair in large or small braids depending on the size of CRIP you require. 

Step 2: Bring a large saucepan of water to a low boil,

Step 3: Dip the sponge rollers into the hot water for 3 seconds, and immediately remove them and place them on the towel. The rollers are going to be hot and soaking wet, so have a big towel ready. 

If you have braided the hair for Crips dip the hair into the boiling water for 3 seconds and then follow as for Curling hair. 

Step 4: Quickly remove the rollers - if its left too long you can set the curls too hard, leaving a mark where the closure snaps in place if you don't remove the rollers quickly. If you do one weft piece at a time and remove as soon as out of water (you can use tongs to drop in and get out water) you will be fine.

Let the hair air dry - never use hair dryer and you will soon have soft bouncy hair or cripped hair, whatever your style.

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