How to Date French Girls

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French girls are intelligent, classy and sophisticated. They also have quite discerning taste in men. You can win their heart by following a few tips to

dating French girls.

1. Learn French. You don't have to become fluent overnight, but it won't hurt to learn a few words and phrases to impress your French date. Take a beginner's course at a community college or hire a private tutor.

2. Brush up on French history. Showing your date that you know about important historic events such as the French Revolution, and that you're familiar with French art, literature and cuisine, will show her that you're serious about getting to know her and dating her.

3. Study current events and popular personalities in France. Read up on French government and culture. It would help to know the current French president, popular French celebrities and any relevant happenings in French society. French girls are highly impressed by men who are educated and show an interest in their background.

4. Plan sophisticated activities for your date. A simple dinner and movie date won't impress a French girl. Plan a wine-tasting date or a trip to a museum. Take her to see an independent film or art show.

5. Be charming and chivalrous. Open the door for her, pull out her chair and pay for the date. French girls expect their dates to be true gentlemen. Show her that chivalry isn't dead.


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