How to Decorate a Wedding Cake

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How to Decorate a Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are an important part of any wedding preparation, but they are usually very expensive. Some brides and grooms choose to make the cake themselves, while others enlist a friend or relative for the job. With all of the right tools, even a beginner can decorate a wedding cake. First, decide upon the cake's design, which includes a flavour, colour scheme, theme, and ornamentation. Next, choose the frosting or covering type. Popular frostings and coverings include fondant, gum paste, buttercream, whipped cream, ganache, and royal icing. Decide whether flavour or design is more important for the frosting and filling. Bake the wedding cake like any other cake. Before decorating the cake, it is important to gather some necessary tools including: pastry bags, pastry tips, coupling, drying racks, pastry brushes, pastry wheels and cutters, and flower nails. There are many creative designs to make when decorating a wedding cake,, but with patience and the right tools, it is possible to create any design.

Consumers should research and compare different cake decorating supplies available at different venues including home goods shops, baking supply shops, and online at eBay. Initially, consumers should consider the type and design for the wedding cake, decide upon the frosting and covering, bake and assemble the wedding cake, and acquire the correct tools to decorate the wedding cake.

Research the Type and Design

First, research the different styles of wedding cakes and choose an appropriate design for the wedding, which includes the colour, theme, and desired ornamentation. The cake's design is typically chosen based on the theme or colour scheme of the wedding. There are many articles online and in magazines for cake design inspiration. Next, choose the type of cake based on personal preference. Popular cake types include white, chocolate, marble, lemon, or carrot cake. Base the size of the cake on the number of guests. Square or round pans are typically used to create wedding cakes. Create either multi-layered tiers or just one-layer tiers depending on the intended design.

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First, determine the shape of the wedding cake. Next, figure out how many tiers are desired, and then add together the portions for each tier.

Choose Frosting or Covering

There are many different choices for wedding cake frosting. The most common frostings, or fillings, include: fondant, gum paste, buttercream, whipped cream, ganache, and royal icing. Either make homemade frosting or covering, or purchase it at the shop. Prioritise whether taste or appearance is most important for the wedding cake. Some choose to create ornamentations with fondant or gum paste, but remove them prior to eating the cake.


Fondant is one of the most popular types of frosting chosen for wedding cakes. There are two main types of fondant: poured fondant and rolled fondant. Generally, poured fondant is used to cover the outside of the cake. Rolled fondant has a thicker consistency and is structured around the cake. Fondant creates a smooth appearance and is perfect for ribbons and skirtings. The only downside to fondant is the taste, which many people find to be bland.

Gum Paste

Gum paste has a thicker consistency than fondant. Gum paste is perfect for making ornaments to decorate the cake since it is rolled thin and hardens quickly. Gum paste is edible, but the taste is not very desirable.


Buttercream is another popular type of frosting for wedding cakes due to its versatility and taste. It is very stable at room temperature and great for creating cake coverings and ornamentation.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream has a fluffy white consistency. It makes a great frosting for wedding cakes, but it requires refrigeration to preserve its form.


Ganache is made from melted chocolate and heavy cream. There are also many recipe variations that include liqueurs and extracts. Ganache is a perfect frosting for chocolate lovers and creates a shiny glaze on wedding cakes.

Royal Icing

Royal icing is popular for creating ornaments and designs, since the icing hardens quickly. Royal icing containing egg whites requires refrigeration, although some use a meringue powder as a substitute.

Decorating the Cake

After the cake is baked and built, cover the outside of the cake with a smooth frosting or fondant. Decide how to decorate the cake. Popular cake decorations include: flowers, borders, beading, drop strings, and other designs. There are a few necessary supplies for decorating the cake including: pastry bags, pastry tips, coupling, drying racks, pastry brushes, pastry wheels and cutters, and flower nails. Once the tools are collected and the frosting is chosen, start creating the ornamentation on parchment paper. It is best to create any ornamentation first on the parchment paper to avoid messing up the cake unnecessarily. After the ornamentation has sufficiently dried, place the decoration on the cake in the desired location.

Pastry Bags

Pastry bags hold the frosting for cake decorating. Fill the pastry bag with frosting, and squeeze the bag to push the frosting through the small opening. These pastry bags are available in different materials from vinyl to cloth and come in different sizes. Smaller pastry bags are more ideal for elaborate ornament designs.

Pastry Tips

Before filling the pastry bag, put the pastry tip through the larger opening. Push the tip down to the bottom so that it protrudes from the small opening in the pastry bag. Different pastry tips create different designs including: beads, lines, ruffles, flowers, ribbons, basket weaves, and letters. It is best to purchase a set with different types of tips to create many different designs on a wedding cake.


Couplings are used to attach the pastry tip to the pastry bag. These are great for changing the pastry tip, and allow consumers to change the tip without changing the bag. Couplings are optional pieces since some choose to stick with a particular pastry tip the entire time, or use different pastry bags for each style of pastry tip.

Drying Racks

Pastry tips and pastry bags are not recommended for the dishwasher. Instead, consumers should wash them by hand and allow them to air dry on a drying rack.

Pastry Brushes

Apply pearl dust or lustre powder to the cake with pastry brushes. These brushes range in size. Use smaller brushes for the cake's ornaments and larger brushes for the body of the wedding cake.

Pastry Wheels and Cutters

Pastry wheels and cutters are used to cut designs to cover the cake, and for creating ornamentation. Pastry wheels and cutters come with different edge patterns to create smooth or scalloped cuts. Cut the fondant or gum paste with the wheel or cutter.

Flower Nails

Flower nails look like metal nails and are used to create icing flowers. Rotate the nail while piping the flower on the head of the flower nail. While flower nails are useful for creating flowers, consumers may also use them as a platform to create other types of ornamentation.

How to Buy Wedding Cake Decorating Supplies on eBay

eBay offers consumers thousands of options when it comes to purchasing wedding cake decorating supplies. Use the search box to look for specific cake decorating tools or search for cake decorating kits. Broad searches return a large number of listings. Select options and narrow search results to better sort through the decorating supplies. The next important step is to browse the listings. It is important that the consumer understand the listing's description to determine whether the item meets the consumer's needs. Listings contain information about both the product and the seller. If there is any confusing information in the listing, make sure to clarify by asking the seller any questions.

eBay uses detailed seller ratings in order to provide feedback for the seller's previous transactions. Low feedback scores indicate that previous consumers have had negative experiences with the seller. In contrast, sellers with high feedback ratings have had a high percentage of customers with positive experiences. Sellers with higher feedback scores are more reliable sellers on eBay's marketplace. eBay's Top-Rated Sellers are the most distinguished sellers on eBay with consistent high feedback and a large volume of sales.


Making your own wedding cake is a great way to save money. Many brides and grooms enlist a friend or relative to make the cake for their special day. Any person is capable of making a wedding cake if they follow important steps and possess the right cake decorating tools.. First, the baker needs to choose the design for the wedding cake. Research the design for the cake or coordinate it with the wedding's theme or colours. Next, choose the type of cake based on personal preference.

The size of the wedding cake needs to accommodate the number of guests invited to the reception. This impacts the design of the cake and may involve adding another tier or choosing a smaller pan size. Following this decision, consumers should decide on the type of frosting or covering for the cake, and for creating the ornamentation. There are a few different choices including: fondant, gum paste, buttercream, whipped cream, ganache, and royal icing. Build, assemble, and cover the cake with fondant or another smooth frosting. Decorate the cake using tools, such as pastry bags, pastry tips, coupling, drying racks, pastry brushes, pastry wheels and cutters, and flower nails.

eBay offers a huge selection of cake decorating tools no matter which type, style, or design of wedding cake you wish to create.

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