How to Decorate for a Pagan-Themed Party

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How to Decorate for a Pagan-themed Party

Considering throwing a Pagan-themed party? Then you probably already know that most pagans celebrate nature and have a New Age, gothic flair, too. Though Pagan includes Wiccan themes as well, many Pagans enjoy celebrating the changing seasons by honouring all that is natural and beautiful. Keep your Pagan party down to earth with a few tips for decorating your soiree space.


Charms, Hangings, Pendulums

Create a Wiccan-themed space by incorporating charms and pendulums into your decor, such as pendulums with sparkling Pagan charms or crystals, which all have specific meanings. Since Pagan themes are rooted in Celtic mythology, consider adding some Celtic amulets or hangings to your decorations. Adding Wiccan charms to your table decor creates dazzle in your themed space. Hang wind chimes outdoors that jingle as the wind blows, and beaded curtains inside for guests to walk through to add some mystery to your party. Hang cloaks and capes on your coat rack, and place vintage brooms in the corners.


Wall Decor

Consider Pagan themes when you are choosing wall decor for your Pagan party. There are many options, including nature-themed decorations such as autumn leaves, fantasy decor like fairies or elves, or posters of gods and goddesses which represent Pagan themes, myths, and stories. Rich, colourful cloth tapestries and bead hangings are good options, and anything featuring the sun, moon, stars, trees, and other nature themes. Hang Halloween fairy lights around the room to create an inviting atmosphere.


Table Decorations

Decorate your table with a beautiful altar cloth, and place statues, scented candles of all shapes and sizes, tarot cards, magic wands, and crystals on the table. Add altar chalices, or place special altar tables around your home to create a Gothic atmosphere. Place small cauldrons on the tables and fill them with special herbs, incense, stones, or charms. Make a cheeky reference to Halloween with witch decorations or pumpkins which are cute, seasonal, and fun. Stack some of your favourite Pagan or Wiccan books on the table for decoration or for guests to flip through at their leisure.


Party Sounds and Atmosphere

Play Celtic music on your CD player at a low volume to create a nature-filled atmosphere for your party. Traditional Celtic music is uplifting, making it the perfect Pagan party addition. Another part of Paganism is welcoming the elements, which include fire, water, and air. Since candles represent fire, represent water with small water fountains, which also provide sweet waterfall sounds as well as make beautiful decorations.

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