How to Decorate with an Australian Flag

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How to Decorate with an Australian Flag

While flags are mostly utilised at sports and civic functions, they may also be used as decorations. Some persons may find decorating with the Australian flag difficult; however, apart from the typical sticking a flagpole in your window, there are quite a few ways that individuals may vary their decorations. The flag may be used in both interior and exterior decorating depending on the fabric from which the flag is made. Only an individual’s natural creativity limits the creative ideas for decorating with an Australian flag.


Interior Decorating with an Australian Flag - Bedroom and Living room

From the living room through to the bedroom there are quite a few ways in which the Australian flag can be used to spice up your decor. Articles such as chair cushions may be made with variations of the flag as their focal point. As an example, cushion covers could be made with th proportionately sewn so that the centre of cross falls precisely in the middle on both sides, a button covered with one star may then be affixed so as to make a slight depression in the middle of the star. Other cushion ideas may use the stars as the centre and the Union Jack in the corners. Small flags attractively arranged in wall sconces are eye-catching, while book shelves or bric-a-brac shelves can be curtained either frontal or on the sides with larger flags. Bedrooms may use extra large variations of the flags as drapery, while quilts can be made by joining several flags together.


Interior Decorating with an Australian Flag - Kitchen and Dining Rooms

For the dining room, Australian flag napkins placed in drinking glasses will not only complement the setting but are also a conversation starter on festive occasions. Other napkins may be provided for normal use. In the kitchen, cake toppers made from edible rice paper in star-shaped designs can add a festive air to Australian themed parties.


Exterior Decorating with an Australian Flag

Sticking a flag on a roof or the side of a building is one way of depicting Australian patriotism but so does a Union Jack bunting fluttering in the wind across the front porch or along the fence. Small or medium sized plastic flags may be suitably applied in this form of decoration. Car owners can attach small flags on one or both sides of their vehicle in a manner as not to hinder visibility.


Other Ways to Decorate with an Australian Flag

Skilled individuals may also make craft objects such as pencil and makeup cases, document pouches, stuffed animals, charms and key rings with the Australian flag designs. Due to the number of territories, there are various flag designs which help to enhance the many ways in which to decorate with an Australian flag.

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