How to Determine if the Scooter is Too Big for You to Handle

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How to Determine if the Scooter is Too Big for You to Handle

Scooters are a great alternative to other high fuel consuming vehicles. They are inexpensive, easy on fuel, and relatively easy to maintain. They are also a fun way to get around, being reasonably easy to handle for even the most novice of riders.

Choosing the scooter that is right for you is very personal and can be based on several different criteria ranging from fuel consumption to colour and style choices. In the middle of all of those choices is the size of the scooter, and they come in many different sizes. The bike itself may be small or large or somewhere in the middle and the engine's size can vary in the same way.

It is important to find a scooter size that fits well. A scooter that is too small can be uncomfortable and may not have the power necessary for the commute. A scooter that is too large can be difficult for the rider to handle, a situation that can easily lead to an accident. In order to determine if the scooter you are thinking about purchasing is too big to handle, consider both its measurements and its engine size. Also, keep in mind how these relate to your size and ability to handle the power.

Scooter Sizes

Scooters are available in a very wide assortment of sizes. Most size differences are reflected in the scooter's seat height and the height and position of the handlebars. These greatly affect how well the rider fits on the scooter and how easily it is for a particularly sized individual to handle. Choosing a scooter should involve careful consideration of these sizes.

Engine Size

Besides the overall size of the scooter, they also come in several different engine sizes, from 50cc to 125cc, all the way up to 500cc or more. The engine size is a very important consideration when determining if the scooter is too large for you to handle. The scooter's engine requires enough power to move the bike itself and the riders, but more than enough power can make the rider feel like it is hard to control. A scooter with an engine that is too much for the owner to handle can not deliver the peaceful joyride the rider probably expected it to be, since too much energy and attention has to be put into keeping it under control.

One key feature that makes a scooter a scooter is that it has relatively small wheels compared to a motorcycle. These small wheels are fine with lower powered engines. However, some scooters have engines that have the same power as a motorcycle but still have the small wheels. When it comes to handling the scooter, these powerful engines combined with the small wheel radius can be very difficult for many riders.

Why the Scooter Must be Large Enough for You

It is important to choose a scooter that is large enough to fit your body size and that has a powerful enough engine to move with ease at the speeds you are likely to be travelling. Most people understand this simply because they want to avoid riding around on a scooter that obviously looks too small for them. This choice, however, is more about safety than it is about appearances.

A scooter that is too small for the rider is one that is difficult for the rider to manoeuvre with ease. Being able to steer and move the scooter is very important in traffic where the rider may need to be able to move quickly in order to avoid an accident. It is also important because the brake, mirrors, and other safety features may not be easy enough to use quickly on a scooter that is too small for the rider. Lastly, a scooter that is too small for the weight of the rider cannot move at the speeds it needs to in order to travel safely through traffic.

The Danger of Choosing a Scooter that is Too Big

A scooter that is too big for the rider also has its negative points. As with the scooter that is too small, the safety features on a too big scooter may not be easily accessible. It may not be comfortable to ride on a large scooter, and the scooter may be difficult or impossible for the rider to push around if it is too large. Perhaps the biggest danger in choosing a scooter that is too large is that its power may be too much for the rider to handle. This can be a very dangerous situation.

The Scooter Size in Relation to Your Size

The scooter should be large enough to fit your body and handle the terrain and speeds that you want to go. If you are a large person with some extra weight, this means that the scooter must be reasonably large, both in size and in engine capacity. In able to avoid the pitfalls of choosing one that is too large, avoid considering one of the upper level, high capacity engines, unless the roads you want to travel on are high speed, have hills, or rough terrain.

For smaller to average size people, it is very important to consider the power of the scooter and your ability to handle it when choosing one. 50cc scooters travel at around 30 mph, which may not be fast enough for some roads. 125cc scooters can reach 60 mph. Many riders determine that a scooter with an engine in the 125-200cc range is plenty of power for the way they want to use it but not too much that it feels hard to handle. Some choose one with an engine capacity as high as 250-300cc, but this depends on the person's size and capabilities.

Making Adjustments to Make the Scooter Fit

A scooter that may seem a bit oversized but is otherwise perfect for the rider can be adjusted in a way that makes it much more comfortable and easier to handle. Manufacturers make optional accessories that include lowered seats and extended handlebars which can be installed with little hassle. Considering these options opens up many more scooter possibilities for the rider who is concerned that the scooter may be too big to handle. It is important, however, to keep in mind that these changes do not affect how heavy the scooter is and how powerful the engine is. Even with these accessories installed, the scooter may still be too big for you to handle.

Some Final Things to Consider

Choosing a scooter that is big enough and powerful enough is important, but choosing one that is too big and powerful for your size and abilities can lead to a dangerous situation. It can be hard to determine the size of a scooter by just looking at pictures and studying measurements. Even if you are planning to buy the scooter online, it is a good idea to test some out in person, either at a store that sells them or by talking with people that you meet that own one. Doing this provides hands-on experience about how the measurements that the manufactures states relate to your body size and how powerful the scooter is. When examining the scooter, be sure to try to move it, especially onto and off its kickstand. If this is too difficult, the scooter may be too big for you to handle.

Fuel Economy

Also, keep in mind that the larger the engine capacity is the greater the fuel consumption is. By choosing a smaller scooter, the fuel savings expected from choosing this type of vehicle is greater than what it would be with a larger scooter. A larger scooter still uses less fuel than most other vehicles on the road, but the extra power that it provides does come at a price and is not always necessary.

Buying a Scooter on eBay

Many people who are in the market for a scooter want to save money wherever they can. A scooter can be purchased from a motorcycle shop or other brick and mortar stores that sell similar items, but the prices may be more than the average consumer is in the market for. It is always relatively easy to find a bargain on a scooter by shopping around at different places on line, especially on eBay. The sellers there list a large selection of scooters in varied price ranges.

The consumer who is in the market for a specific scooter that fits perfectly has a better chance of finding it among the many that eBay sellers list than by driving around from dealership to dealership looking for it. The price that is listed is likely to be far below the price of buying it elsewhere. When shopping for the scooter, try not to overlook the value of purchasing a pre-owned one. It is likely to be in great condition, with plenty of years left on it, and available at a great bargain price.


Many people are in the market for a scooter because they are fun to ride, inexpensive to fuel, and a better choice for the environment. Making the switch to this mode of transportation can be challenging. While it is enjoyable, there are several things to keep in mind when riding a scooter and the rider does need to have enough ability to handle the bike safely. That is why it is very important to consider the size of the scooter in order to avoid purchasing one that is physically too big or too powerful for the rider to handle.

When purchasing a scooter, pay careful attention to its size in relation to your unique body measurements and weight. The scooter needs to be big enough so that it fits you comfortably, but not so big that it is difficult to steer or manoeuvre safely. The scooter's engine must be powerful enough to move you at the speeds you need to go, which depends on the roads and the type of driving you intend to do. If it is too powerful, the scooter can be difficult to handle, dangerous, and more of a challenge than it is a joy.

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