How to Determine the Best Gear for Storing Carp Bait

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How to Determine the Best Gear for Storing Carp Bait

Every fisherman has a favourite carp bait, and it is usually some combination of boilies, pellets, particles, and groundbait, depending on the lake and the fish. Storing the bait successfully after making it, during transit, and at the lake requires diligence to avoid wasting time and money on ruined bait.


Storing Newly Made Carp Bait

Many people like to dry freshly made boilies in boilie air dry bags or on boilie air dry trays. The night before fishing trips, they rehydrate the boilies with various favourites, including hemp oil, Sonu krill, CC Moore's Feedstim XP, and mussel extract. The choice depends in part on where they plan to fish and what worked well in the past. Others zip up their carp boilies in freezer bags and then thaw them on the road. Both frozen and dried boilies are susceptible to breakage, but the time savings is significant versus making them fresh for every trip.


Transporting Carp Bait

Stick mixes must remain dry so the PVA mesh does not dissolve. Fishermen can transport them in waterproof plastic containers or in containers with other dry baits. Mesh bags work well for frozen boilies. They allow air circulation to start the thawing process, and they are not rigid, so it is easy to shake them from time to time to redistribute ice crystals and rehydrate any boilies that became a bit dry in the freezer. Some mesh bags have drawstrings, but others have zippers and comfortable carrying handles. Carp bait buckets carry pellets or groundbait and also work for bottles of carp bait liquid additives used to flavour and colour the boilies.


Managing Carp Bait at the Lake

Various forms of tackle boxes and carp 'luggage' have compartments for the glug pots, bait boxes, bait tubs, and bug buckets fishermen need to carry the essentials for fishing. Some are squared-off shoulder sacks, while others look more like rucksacks to provide greater mobility through wooded lakesides. A boilie pouch makes it even easier to move around with baits. Collapsible buckets for pellets and groundbaits feature lightweight fabrics for easy hauling.

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