How to Develop An Online Business that works in 5 Steps

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Beat frustration, get a website that works ... Actually we do not just design websites anymore but we partner-up with our customers to develop A Real Online Business that absolutely works!  Contact us  to learn how we can help you develop An Online CASH COW, in 5 Simple Steps!

Important Announcement:

Against my better judgment, for the first time ever, I have agreed to reveal (on this page) my unbeatable formula of strategies that we use to make websites work for us but more importantly for all our valued Customers and Partners out there. You see your website is not just a bunch of graphics and pretty pictures someone put together just for something to do or simply to 'keep up'. -Your website should represent all there is to your business but put online. Your website   should be 'a living breathing' part of your business that makes you money just like all your other employees  that show up everyday 9-5... Isn't that true...?
My partners and I have broken down the formula into 5 Simple Steps that you will be able to understand, easily identify with and more importantly use as a scorecard to see if your business website is taking you in the direction you want your online business to go...    

... So ... here are the 5 steps:
The Consultation: (Very Important/ Just like the business plan you showed your banker when you first went into business!) You must be Absolutely Clear about what you want to achieve online, focus on what your customers or prospects would expect from you before they give you business, what are your main competitors doing or simply... Why do YOU want a website? Be very clear about this. I cover this in more detail in my FREE newsletter, if you haven't done so already,  sign up here (Warning! It's NOT just about how beautiful your website looks... Its about your goals... think about this step as a job interview for a new executive to your business!) Get it right today so in 5 years' time you wont be saying  ...'I wish I would-ah... or I wish I could-ah...'
The Design: Here you are  making the website itself; what colour is it? Where is your logo? Is it an online brochure/ a shopping cart (like a business card online/ What functionality do you want on it/  do you want to run surveys/ an online casino/ a dating site/ a job search website/ an online auction site? do you want to save money and change & update your website yourself (instead of paying someone £55 per hour to simply change your phone number ??!!??) Remember the world is awash with Website Designers (did you just say 'a dime a dozen'?  -probably) This is the easy bit any 15 year old can be persuaded to leave their skateboard and hibernate in your loft for  a week or two to knock together an okay website for you (hey it beats mowing your lawn...!) The important thing to remember here is that this is  your online business it is simply not over till you get paid! When you opened your brick and mortar storefront Yes the building was important but I'm sure you had more important things on your mind like selling or pushing your merchandise and watching your bank balance and buying diapers for your little girl... Isn't that true...? so don't kid yourself the same applies here.  If you haven't done so already,  get a website design quote here .Get us to help you get to that finish line (or is it bottom-line?) you have  always wanted for your business. This step also involves writing copy that actually talks to your visitors and makes them buy from you (think of it as the sales pitch if you will) or the cute servers at McDonalds that always (without fail!) insist that you super-size your meal and buy fries with that? and just how big are McDonalds today? I'm sure you get the picture... Contact us  for our website design portfolio

Getting Traffic: When you picked your brick and mortar storefront you were concerned with foot-fall or traffic.  The math is simple; More Traffic (or visitors to your store) = More Buyers => More Money! (or dinero or moolah or cheddar depending on where you are from). So... to truly get on your way towards the sales you want, you NEED to get your website some Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What do I mean by this? In English this means your website must be prepared for the search engines like Google/Yahoo/MSN etc so you can get FREE traffic to your website. Ask us about software to see how many unique visitors come to your website. This is traffic or visitors to your website of people that are actively searching online for what you sell and they have  their credit cards and debit cards out and ARE ready to buy from YOU!  Contact us  for more information on getting traffic

Automation: You know... when I started designing and consulting for websites back in 1999 (and for a few years after that for that matter) I had to do everything by myself and I mean this literally! I had to find customers wherever I could/ read and write emails for half my day/ code a website that was due last year/ talk to the papers/ attend a networking event and do all other essentials of life too ???!!! I mean if you don't do this yourself you probably know someone that does. Isn't that true...? This is called working in your business but what you really want to do is work on your business so you can move forward and achieve your goals. A big part of what we teach is how to automate a lot of the routine functions of your business so you do not have to constantly waste YOUR valuable time. For example if you run a hotel take bookings online/if people are buying from you have the transactions confirmed automatically and money transferred to your bank automatically/ If you are taking subscriptions have the newsletters and welcome messages sent automatically mostly while you sleep too! I mean the list is just endless. Contact us  to learn more about automation from my friend and expert Marketer Derek Gehl

Email Marketing/ Keeping In Touch/ Promoting Your Business: I once heard that people will buy from you after encountering your message at least seven (7) times if they didn't know you before that. Online I'd like to think it's more like fifteen (15) times! So how do you stay in touch? Simple... use our tried and tested methods that constantly send emails to your mailing list continuously till they buy from you. (This system is so neat it actually stops marketing to newly-converted-customers and starts sending them customer service emails instead! How cool is that ??!!)  I personally schedule my own mailing for a month in advance each time. Obviously there is right and wrong ways to do this I mean what with all the anti-SPAM laws and respect for people's privacy and general etiquette which I call netiquette for our purposes here. Don't worry though it's all covered in what we teach you in our email marketing step Contact us  for more about email marketing

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